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Juan Cole: Khamenei Takes Control, Forbids Nuclear Bomb

March 2012
 For all the focus on Ahmadinejad, the real power in Iran is Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and it’s time we treated his words as such.

Juan Cole: Logical Errors in GOP Debate on the Middle East

February 2012
 Republicans fail Juan Cole’s fact check on their assertions about the Middle East.

Juan Cole: Ahmadinejad in Latin America

January 2012
 A combination of anti-imperialism, a desire for independence from the U.S., and Iran’s oil wealth is giving Tehran a continued opening in Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador.

Juan Cole: Turkey Warns Against Sunni-Shiite Civil War

January 2012
 Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu’s general emphasis on tamping down tensions couldn’t be more essential.

Juan Cole: Will His New Sanctions on Iran Cost Obama the Presidency?

January 2012
 The Obama administration is imposing new penalties against Iran, but is the U.S. playing with fire?

Juan Cole: Protest Planet

November 2011
 How a neoliberal shell game created an age of activism.

Juan Cole: Defections, U.S. Withdrawal Point to Political Solution in Libya

April 2011
 It is better that the intervention in Libya not be branded a U.S. one, but rather be seen as the effort of the 28 nations of NATO plus the Arab League. It is true that the U.S. is a big part of NATO, but it doesn’t have to be a big part of the air war.

Juan Cole: Bahrain: U.S. Naval Base or Iranian Asset?

February 2011
 What is at stake for Americans in the Bahrain unrest?

Juan Cole: The Corruption Game: What the Tunisian Revolution and WikiLeaks Tell Us about American Support for Corrupt Dictatorships in the Muslim World

January 2011
 Despite the Obama administration's abandonment of the phrase “war on terror,” the impulses encoded in it still powerfully shape Washington’s policy-making…

Juan Cole: The First Middle Eastern Revolution since 1979

January 2011
 The Tunisian Revolution is potentially more consequential than the Iranian one was thirty years ago. Yet, even with an alliance of frustrated BA holders, professionals, workers, farmers, progressives and Muslim activists, it remains to be seen if little Tunisia is the start of something, or one more false dawn.

Juan Cole: Death Penalty for Blasphemy Rare in Muslim World

January 2011
 Blasphemy laws are objectionable on their face, but they aren’t limited to a few Muslim-majority countries. They also exist in Christendom.

Juan Cole: WikiLeaks Reveals How Israel Plans Total War on Lebanon, Gaza

January 2011
 Juan Cole discusses Wikleaks documents revealing that Israel, driven by a fear of stockpiles of rockets in Gaza, is preparing for a major war.

Juan Cole: Racist Letters Roil Israel

December 2010
 Juan Cole discusses the news that rabbis are issuing letters warning against interfaith marriage, and puts it in the context of the Middle East.

Juan Cole: Senate Repeal of DADT in Modern Context

December 2010
 Now that DADT is repealed and fear-mongering on gays won't win elections, Juan Cole argues that the shift will lead to hate-mongering against Muslims.

Juan Cole: WikiLeaks on Israel, Iraq, and the Iranian Specter

December 2010
 A 2007 cable shows that Israeli politicians fear that even if Iran never used a nuclear weapon, just for it to have one would doom Israel.

Juan Cole: Obama in Asia: Meeting American Decline Face to Face

November 2010
 How and why President Obama is in danger of losing control of his South Asian foreign policy agenda to India, its Republican supporters in the House, and the military-industrial complex.

Juan Cole: The Great Pakistani Deluge Never Happened: Don’t Tune In, It’s Not Important

September 2010 Was the decision of the corporate media not to cover the Pakistan disaster intensively a major factor in the public apathy that followed?