Tag: By Sarah Jaffe

Sarah Jaffe: Are Jobs on Their Way to Becoming Obsolete? And Is That a Good Thing?

September 2011
 Do we have it backward when we call for job creation? Could we instead radically rethink our economy to benefit everyone?

Sarah Jaffe: NY Attorney General Schneiderman Removed From Foreclosure Settlement Group For Doing His Job

August 2011
 As scrutiny intensifies on Bank of America and pressure for a settlement mounts, Schneiderman isn’t backing down.

Sarah Jaffe: Is Bank of America Headed Toward Collapse?

August 2011
 The nation’s largest bank has only gotten bigger since the financial crisis and the government bailouts. But is big trouble ahead for the big bank?

Sarah Jaffe: Car-Share: How to Keep Cars Off the Road and Even Break Our Destructive Consumption Habits

July 2011
 Innovative new car-sharing businesses are changing the way we think about driving—and owning cars.

Sarah Jaffe: Supreme Court OK With Violent Video Games; Porn Still Illegal (for Minors)

July 2011
 Is it hypocritical of the Supreme Court to allow violent video games to be sold to minors, while continuing to ban depictions of sex?

Sarah Jaffe: CEO of Walmart Makes in One Hour What the Average Employee Makes In a Year: How Skyrocketing Inequality Is Hurting America

June 2011
 A new report shows exactly who the top 0.1 percent of Americans with all the wealth are. The question is, what can we do about it?

Sarah Jaffe: Is Your Mobile Phone Transmitting Your Private Information to Corporations?

June 2011
  Our mobile phones and computers are storing and sharing more and more personal information—but do we have control over who sees it?

Sarah Jaffe: Congress’s Culture of Wealth: How Insider Information Enriches Members of the House

June 2011
 A new study reports that members of the House saw their investments outperform those of the average investor by 6 percent annually.

Sarah Jaffe: The Next Bubble Is About to Burst: College Grads Face Dwindling Jobs and Mounting Loans

June 2011
 Today’s graduates face miserable job prospects, and experts say the student loan crisis could be worse than the credit card or housing bubbles.