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Sarah Seltzer: Is The Voice A Progressive Alternative to American Idol?

June 2011
 The success singing competition The Voice achieved by positing itself as the anti-Idol suggests America is ready to privilege talent over appearance.

Sarah Seltzer: Lessons to Secular Community from The Book of Mormon Musical: Take on Dogma With Humor

June 2011
 How is it possible that a play can convey a crippling blow to religious dogma and authority without alienating anyone except the most puritan and devout?

Sarah Seltzer: Budget Cuts Most Likely to Affect Women: So Why Aren’t There Any Women on the Budget-Slashing Committee?

May 2011
 Women’s groups worry that the budget will be balanced on the backs of the most vulnerable.

Sarah Seltzer: Sluts Don’t Cause Rape, Rapists Do: Why “Slutwalks” Are Sweeping the World

May 2011
 The idea behind the Slutwalks is simple, yet so often fails to get through: rape is rape, no matter what the victim wears, says or does.

Sarah Seltzer: Three Videos that Show Why Birtherism is Racist

April 2011
 Commentary from Rachel Maddow, Baratunde, and Ed Schultz on Obama’s newly released birth certificate, and the continuing birther controversy.

Sarah Seltzer: Recent Yale Male Behavior So Sexist the Federal Government Has to Intervene

April 2011
 The investigation of Yale shows the government may actually be taking sexual assault on campus seriously.

Sarah Seltzer: Facebook Will Share Users’ Phone Number, Email, and Address with Third Parties

March 2011
 But bit by bit, Facebook privacy has been vanishing—even as more people put more their lives and information on the site.