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Joaquin Sapien: Misappropriated Funds Cast Further Suspicion on California Group Homes

October 2015

As a group home for some of the state’s most troubled children prepares to close, county auditors are poring over its finances.

Death of a Valley

October 2015

In 1953, California sacrificed a town to stave its own thirst. But the act was futile, and the state is thirstier than ever.

William deBuys: California First

August 2015

As both climate victim and responder, the national style-setter leads the way.

Abrahm Lustgarten, Lauren Kirchner and Amanda Zamora: What You Need to Know About California’s Drought

June 2015

California’s drought is part of a much larger water crisis that impacts the entire country.

Joaquin Sapien: Investigations of California Group Homes Marked By Delays and Uncertainty

April 2015

California reports of serious harm in its homes for troubled children, are often deemed inconclusive.

Michael Grabell: California Workers’ Comp Law Gets Criticism, Praise at Senate Hearing

March 2015

Some hearing witnesses say the 2012 reform law had unintended consequences.

Michael Grabell: California Vs. Insurers

March 2015

Concern over possible misuse of a 2012 workers’ comp law has led to warnings from state labor officials.

Kendra Atleework: Why Must One House Burn While Another Is Spared?

March 2015

The aftermath of a wildfire reaches every part of you.

Robert Reich: Patrolling the Boundaries Inside America

December 2014

High-end communities in California go to great lengths to push poor and minority students out of their public schools.

A.C. Thompson: In Protecting the Elderly, California at Last Takes Steps to Catch Up

October 2014

California, which has loosely regulated the assisted living industry for years, adopts measures that give advocates for the elderly modest hope.

Michael Grabell: Temp Land, California

October 2014

Employers will be legally responsible if their temp agencies and subcontractors put workers at risk or withhold wages.

Robert Reich: Berkeley vs. Big Soda

September 2014

The new Free Speech Movement is Berkeley's battle with Big Soda.

Michael Grabell: California Legislature Passes Bill to Protect Temp Workers

September 2014

The bill will hold companies accountable for labor abuses by temp agencies and subcontractors they use.

A.C. Thompson: Efforts to Toughen Oversight of Assisted Living Falter

August 2014

Cost concerns may derail efforts by lawmakers and advocates to require more frequent inspections and a swifter response to allegations of abuse and neglect.

Abrahm Lustgarten: California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste, Warning it May Be Contaminating Aquifers

July 2014

State’s drought has forced farmers to rely on groundwater, even as California aquifers have been intentionally polluted.

Land of Milk and Money

June 2014

Is Tech 2.0 boon or bust for quality of life in the Bay Area? A tourist investigates.

Jessica Pishko: The News from San Quentin, Part 2

January 2014

Free Expression: Crime and punishment and “disapproved content.”

Kim Barker: Dark Money Groups Pay $1 Million in Fines in California Case

October 2013

Koch-connected dark money groups face largest fine in California history of campaign finance.

Christie Thompson: Are California Prisons Punishing Inmates Based on Race?

April 2013

Prison officials claim they need race-based methods to fight gang violence.

Rose Lichter-Marck: Circling the Sea

October 2012

A photographer explores an accidental sea in the desert, and a romance—both very much in flux—and returns with this meditation on transformation, control, and the truths we can learn from geology.

Andy Kroll: The Death of the Golden Dream of Higher Education

October 2012

Back to $chool: College is the past, prison is the future.

Anna Ludwig: Afterimages

June 2012

In a series of watercolors, Anna Ludwig explores the complicated history of People’s Park, and sees its echoes in Occupy Oakland.

Continental Drift

July 2011 This geologic boundary has no regard for political allegiance; it was not determined by wars, by financial interest, or national demarcation.

People of the Clouds

July 2011 In the mountains of rural Mexico, a photographer documents the space between staying and going.