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Marshall Allen and Olga Pierce: Study Urges CDC to Revise Count of Deaths from Medical Error

May 2016

If not for flawed tracking, medical mistakes would be the third-leading cause of death, researchers at Johns Hopkins say.

Jay Walljasper: Walk this Way

November 2014

Humans’ most common pastime—forsaken for decades as too slow and too much effort—is now recognized as a health breakthrough, an economic catalyst, and a route to happiness.

Lois Beckett: Democrats Push to Restart CDC Funding for Gun Violence Research

May 2014

Would universal background checks—the most popular and prominent gun control policy proposal—actually reduce gun violence?

Minhee Cho: Gun Violence in America

May 2014

America v. gun control, ctd.

Lois Beckett: Why Don’t We Know How Many People Are Shot Each Year in America?

May 2014

Gun murders have decreased in recent years, but is it because of a drop shootings, or an improvement in the number of victims that E.R. doctors can save?

Lois Beckett: Republicans Say No to CDC Gun Violence Research

April 2014

Giving the CDC money for gun violence research is a “request to fund propaganda,” a Georgia congressman says.

Mark Brazaitis: Suicide Epidemic Isn’t Only the Stuff of My Fiction

October 2013

One writer’s fictions overlap, alarmingly, with reality.

Mark Rosenberg: What Researchers Learned About Gun Violence Before Congress Killed Funding

February 2013

ProPublica interviews the CDC's Mark Rosenberg about the data on gun control.