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Richard Falk: On (Not) Loving Henry Kissinger

June 2016

The 2016 election cycle, and the long shadow of the most scandalous foreign policy figure of the 20th century.

Katherine Hite & Jordi Huguet: Guiding Light

March 2016

On being a docent at Chile’s Museum of Memory and Human Rights, as told to Katherine Hite.

Aya de Leon: Fifty Shades of Political Torture

June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: Often derided as tasteless schlock, could the Fifty Shades novels actually reflect something much more serious?

A Brave Pilot From the New China

April 2014

For many years I had thought about my father’s suicide, about his various possible suicides.

Repression By Any Other Name

February 2014

The Chilean playwright remembers the moment he learned what it means to fear one’s own words—and finds that from Pinochet to the Patriot Act, the state listens, watches, and waits.

Ariel Dorfman: A Time for Creative Suffering

August 2013

Martin Luther King’s words in a surveillance world.

Greg Grandin: The Latin American Exception

February 2013

How a Washington global torture gulag was turned into the only gulag-free zone on Earth.

The Man from the Ad

September 2011

Nelda didn’t know of anyone else turning thirty who’d never kissed a man. Her sister Maria said women who never made out with anyone were prone to a nervous condition in their old age.

Chomsky Half Full

November 2009

The controversial critic of U.S. foreign policy discusses his forthcoming book, the hypocrisy of neoliberalism, where he feels hopeful about democracy despite U.S. terrorism, and his friendship—okay, passing acquaintance—with Hugo Chavez and other “pink tide” presidents.