Tag: Christianity

5 Queen’s Road

December 2015

A house is partitioned along the lines, and in the chaos, of the new independent nations of India and Pakistan.

Kate Newman and Rodrigo Fuentes: Bible in One Hand, Constitution in the Other

August 2015

The politics of Christianity in Guatemala.

The Rationalist

June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: Chased from his native India, Sanal Edamaruku contemplates the power of offense and accustoms himself to his new homeland.

Jan Bindas-Tenney: The Border Crisis in Leisureville

December 2014

In Arizona, the Samaritans are working to provide water and aid to immigrants crossing the border—in spite of sabotaged water bottles and harassment from border patrol.

Laura Kasinof: Between Tradition and Modernity

August 2014

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgians turned en masse to religion. Today, the Orthodox Church’s conservative beliefs are clashing with the country’s increasingly close ties to the EU.

Everyday Miracles

May 2014

The Jesuit priest, author, and avid tweeter on telling the story of Jesus through his divinity, and humanity.

Sound Medicine

March 2014

The “moonshine roots” musician on the magnetism of Southern music, learning to sing in church, and the timbre of the Tennessee landscape.

Untold Stories

July 2013

New York Times bestseller Julia Scheeres discusses racial utopias, the mass "suicide" in Jonestown in 1978, and coming of age in an abusive Christian reform school.

Kathryn Joyce: The Purpose-Driven Nation

April 2013

Rick Warren exports American-style evangelism—and the gospel of adoption—to Rwanda.

Postcards from Karachi

October 2011 Poet and war correspondent Eliza Griswold reports from Pakistan on the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The Sexual Lives of Missionaries

July 2011

There were big ones and small ones and medium-sized ones, blonde and brunette, and even bald ones…

New York Doesn’t Love You Either

By Meakin Armstrong
September 2010

Our fiction editor’s theory on New York as a place of neutrality and a refuge from soul crushing lunches at Applebee’s…and his call for proselytizing Christians to leave New Yorkers alone.