Tag: civil rights

Howard Zinn and Paula J. Giddings: I Plead Guilty (to Insubordination)

March 2015

An excerpt from Zinn's 1960 piece on the young women of Spelman College turning into protestors, and historian Paula Giddings vividly looking back on Zinn and the Spelman experience fifty-five years later.

Alison Fairbrother: GOP Senators vs. Black Voters

August 2014

Republican lawmakers across the country have passed discriminatory voting measures in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn large parts of the Voting Rights Act.

Seth Freed Wessler: When Freedom Summer Landed in White America’s Living Rooms

August 2014

An iconic civil rights print hung in one rural Maine home and helped shape a family’s commitment to justice.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: Segregation Now

July 2014

A federal judge in Alabama says a local school board has failed to meet the legal mandate to integrate.

This Little Light of Ours

June 2014

The Freedom Summer director on Mississippi and the role of music in civil rights.

Lewis Black: A Tiny Part of Something Huge

August 2013

The author and comedian remembers attending the 1963 March on Washington, and feeling a movement converge.

Blaire Hickman and Christie Thompson: No Paycheck, No Civil Rights

August 2013

Unpaid interns aren’t protected against sexual harassment.

Isaiah Thompson: Civil Forfeiture Laws Are Costing Innocent People Their Homes

August 2013

Law enforcement authorities are moving to seize homes, cash and other property of people tangentially related to crimes under "civil forfeiture" laws that require minimal proof.

Andrew Ridker: Profane Fruit – On Kanye, Yeezus, and the Sanctity of Sound

July 2013

An irreverent sample of “Strange Fruit” would signify a takedown of not only a great American jazz standard, but of a crucial civil rights work as well. You can probably tell what’s coming next.

Christie Thompson: Are California Prisons Punishing Inmates Based on Race?

April 2013

Prison officials claim they need race-based methods to fight gang violence.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: A Colorblind Constitution

March 2013

What Abigail Fisher’s affirmative action case is really about.

Meaghan Winter: Walking While Furtive

March 2013

A look inside the courtroom on the opening day of Floyd v. NYC, the class-action lawsuit challenging the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy.

Nikole Hannah-Jones: How the Supreme Court Could Scuttle Critical Fair Housing Rule

February 2013

The court's review of a key concept used to enforce the 1968 Fair Housing Act could be a major setback for housing rights advocates.

Suevon Lee: The Other Crucial Civil Rights Case the Supreme Court Will be Ruling On

December 2012

We're all hearing about the gay marriage case, but the Supreme Court is set to rule on a key piece of voting access legislation.

David Morris: Profiles of Political Courage

May 2012

Health care reform may be repealed if Republicans win in November, but it may not be the only president's signature legislation that's in danger.

Sweet Nothings

February 2010 Civil rights champion David Mixner on his battle to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” why the February 2nd Congressional hearings were a bust, and how the policy fosters sexual harassment of women soldiers.