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Interior Lives

May 2013

The award-winning novelist on the fluidity of sexuality, the intersections of art and selfishness, and her most recent book, The Woman Upstairs.

Never the Face

June 2011 Claire Messud and novelist Ariel Sands (the alias for an internationally known nonfiction writer) discuss S&M in literature, the glorification of obsessive love, and whether there's a feminist defense of submissiveness.

The Diversity Test

April 2010

Why were there only 8 women on the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels of the Twentieth Century? Why is only 3% of the literature Americans read in translation?

Quality Street

By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, guest-edited by Claire Messud
February 2010

Sochienne called her a fat bourgeois, a dilettante dancing while Nigeria was failing, as though she could somehow solve the country’s problems by depriving herself of a manicure.


By Lorraine Adams, guest-edited by Claire Messud
February 2010

His mother was about to say something, but all she could murmur was zalzala. Earthquake.


By Holly Goddard Jones, guest-edited by Claire Messud
February 2010
The soft light of the flames made her face seem prettier than it really was. Younger. She was a fixture in his life, a neutral—at most, perhaps, a reflective surface.

The Norwegians

By Elliott Holt, guest-edited by Claire Messud
February 2010
The Norwegians were coming to dinner.

The Deer-Vehicle Collision Survivors Support Group

By Porochista Khakpour, guest-edited by Claire Messud
February 2010
This is the storm right before the calm, she is letting it all out now, because she knows it’s coming. She wants to go home, even if it is what she used to call hell sweet hell.


By Hasanthika Sirisena guest-edited by Claire Messud
February 2010
As Sunil stood in his backyard staring at the carcass of the small unidentifiable animal—a cross between a rat and a Chihuahua—he realized he was missing something important.

Writers, Plain and Simple

February 2010

Women make up 80% of the fiction reading audience in this country. So why, guest fiction editor Claire Messud asks, are women authors so frequently left off the best-of lists, and left out of prestigious book prizes?