Tag: climate change

David Holmgren: A Matter of Scale

November 2016

The cofounder of permaculture on why the radical idea he developed in the 1970s is key to fighting climate change today.

Going Where the Reindeer Go: Sami Culture at a Crossroads

November 2016

In Norway’s far north, members of Europe’s last intact nomadic culture struggle to adjust as development and climate change reshape the landscape and their future.

Abrahm Lustgarten: Drought be Dammed

May 2016

The water crisis in the West has renewed debate about the effectiveness of major dams, with some pushing for the enormous Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River to be decommissioned.

The Afterlife of Waste

October 2015

The Turkish artist on moving to the epicenter of throwaway culture and imagining the life-forms that “might emerge out of the contemporary ooze.”

Women in the World

October 2015

A leading researcher on the need to rescript our narratives about women and the environment.

Kaitlin Butler and Carolyn Raffensperger: The New Ecofeminism

September 2015

Fulfilling our sacred responsibilities to future generations.

Scenes From the End of the World

September 2015

The writer and photographer on their first book collaboration, the connection between Hollywood blockbusters and climate change, and how “shared terror” can make us feel less alone.

William deBuys: California First

August 2015

As both climate victim and responder, the national style-setter leads the way.

Reintroductions and Other Translocations

August 2015

The water had been empty and now was full. This felt like what we should be doing with our human urge to meddle in natural affairs.

Subhankar Banerjee: Paradise Burning

July 2015

Why we all need to learn the word “anthropogenic.”

They Seem to Be Immortal

April 2015

The expansive, ongoing fight to save the sequoias.

Pope Francis and Religious Cosmopolitanism

January 2015

With his message of unity and the dignity of all people, the pope is leading a global movement for justice and peace.

Carbon Counterattack

January 2015

How Big Oil is responding to the anti-carbon moment.

God’s Creation Is Running a Fever

December 2014

Religion in America: The climate scientist on denialism and why her evangelical faith demands action.

Kaitlin Butler & Carolyn Raffensperger: Economics for Future Generations

October 2014

Creating a commons ethic for ecological restoration and social justice.

Laura Gottesdiener: A Trip to Kuwait (on the Prairie)

October 2014

Life inside the boom.

Todd Gitlin: A Change in the Climate

October 2014

The climate movement steps up.

Margaret Klein: We Need to Talk

September 2014

The founder of The Climate Mobilization talks with Bridget Read about how psychology—not science—may be the key to ending America’s climate denial.

Rebecca Solnit: Change in a Time of Climate Change

September 2014

What to do when you're running out of time.

Eddie Bautista: Why We March

September 2014

Stepping forth for a planet in peril.

Tom Engelhard: The 95% Doctrine

May 2014

Is climate change a crime against humanity?

Jay Walljasper: To Stop Climate Change, Start Calling It by a Different Name

May 2014

When the Guardian starts swearing, do we start noticing climate change?

Jay Walljasper: How the Commons Way of Life Helps Curb Climate Change

April 2014

It offers an appealing alternative to more stuff and more money, which drives environmental destruction today/

Aaron Labaree: Capitalizing on Climate Change

April 2014

On McKenzie Funk’s Windfall, The Booming Business of Global Warming.

Daniel Moss: Victor Alvarado Champions Both Nature and the Poor

March 2014

Mayors in Mexico work on a law against climate change as rich as the country's biodiversity.

Ira Chernus: Apocalypses Everywhere

February 2014

Is there any hope in an era filled with gloom and doom?

Michael Klare: The Gravitational Pull of Planet Carbon

February 2014

Three signs of retreat in the global war on climate change.

Tom Engelhardt: Ending the World the Human Way

February 2014

The story of all stories is barely in the news.

Jeremy Brecher: Discovering a Legal Tool to Curb Climate Change

January 2014

A legal argument for climate protection based on the vitality of future generations.

Dahr Jamail: Are We Falling Off the Climate Precipice?

December 2013

Scientists consider extinction---and whether we can avoid it.

Todd Gitlin: How to Reverse a Slow-Motion Apocalypse

November 2013

Why the divestment movement against big energy matters.

Michael Klare: Surviving Climate Change

November 2013

Climate change may destroy us, but not before we see a green energy revolution by the people.

Theodoric Meyer: What Happened After Congress Passed a Climate Change Law? Very Little.

October 2013

Congress finally attempts to tackle climate change, but with mixed results.

Rebecca Solnit: Bigger Than That

October 2013

What happens when the weather morphs into man-made violence, becomes a terrorist?

Jay Walljasper: Save the Planet, Starting on Your Block

September 2013

Local efforts have always been the backbone of global green activism.

Bill McKibben: Movements Without Leaders

August 2013

What to make of change on an overheating planet.

Michael T. Klare: The Third Carbon Age

August 2013

Are we really heading for an era of renewable energy?

Ground Truthing

August 2013

The writer-activist on the qualities of silence, bearing witness to trauma, and seeking sustenance in the world’s fragile beauty.

Tom Engelhardt: Just Begin

June 2013

A graduation day speech for the post-post-docs of life.

Tom Engelhardt: And Then There Was One

May 2013

Imperial gigantism and the decline of planet Earth.

Michael Klare: Entering a Resource-Shock World

April 2013

How resource scarcity and climate change could produce a global explosion.

Nowhere to Turn

April 2013

There is no such thing as an environmental refugee, yet displacement as the result of climate change is growing exponentially. A personal look at the crisis in East Africa.

William deBuys: Phoenix in the Climate Crosshairs

March 2013

We are long past coal mine canaries.

Tom Engelhardt: Where Is Everybody?

March 2013

Why it’s so tough to get your head around climate change.

David Morris: Who Should Pay for the Costs of Climate Change?

January 2013

Increasingly frequent disasters like Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Bopha raise the question of global sharing.

Bill McKibben: Obama Versus Physics

January 2013

Why climate change won't wait for the president.

Bill McKibben: Planetary Emergency

December 2012

One of the world’s leading climate activists on the science of dangerous weather, the imperative to organize, and how to get out of bed in the morning on a planet in peril.

Anne McClintock: Too Big to See with the Naked Eye

December 2012

Aerial photos from Greenland take climate change out of the realm of abstraction.

Tim Swinehart: Setting Free Our History

December 2012

Getting the commons into school curriculum will help students understand climate change (and a lot more).

Bajo Aguan’s Modern Tragedy of the Commons

December 2012

Human rights abusers who help stop climate change, and the global system that keeps them in business

Amitav Ghosh: Products of Folly

November 2012

The award-winning author on why he loves to write fiction and talk politics, and how nationalism fuels climate change.

Ellen Cantarow: Frack Fight

November 2012

Activists are waging a secret war, and the stakes couldn't be higher.

Tom Engelhardt: The Mandate of Hell

November 2012

How not to change the world.

Rebecca Solnit: The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse

November 2012

Hurricane Sandy rides in.

Rebecca Solnit: Our Words Are Our Weapons

October 2012

Our political language is in desperate need of a change.

Eric Knight: Why Do Politicians Break Promises About Tackling Climate Change?

October 2012

The problem may not be their lack of integrity, but how we frame the issue.

Richard Falk: Apollo’s Curse and Climate Change

October 2012

The scientific community is largely united on the dangers of climate change, so why is no one listening?

Rock Whisperer

October 2012

To find out how fast, and how much, polar ice might melt in the future, scientists are looking to ancient rocks for clues of what happened in the past.

Michael T. Klare: The Hunger Wars in Our Future

August 2012

Heat, drought, rising food costs, and the chaos that could ensue.

David Morris: Texas Judge Rules The Sky Belongs To Everyone

August 2012

Has the fight against climate change just taken a monumental step forward?

Closing the China Gap

August 2012

China’s voracious appetite for resources isn’t something to be feared—it should be emulated.

Richard Falk: On the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations

June 2012

To solve global problems, we have to start thinking in terms of civilizations instead of than nation-states.  A dispatch from the recent Istanbul Partners Forum.

Bill McKibben: The Planet Wreckers

June 2012

Climate change denial is facing significant new challenges, but the fight is nowhere close to over.

Science Be Damned

June 2012

How Texas managed to export its energy policy to the rest of America.

Rachel Riederer: Emergency in Slow Motion

April 2012

"The Island President," a new film about the crisis in the Maldives, wants to change the way we talk about climate change.

The 700 Club

April 2010 Skeptics cite 700 “scientists” who doubt global warming. Except few are climatologists. And Joseph Romm says they’re conducting the greatest disinformation campaign in history.