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Andrew J. Bacevich: Writing a Blank Check on War for the President

April 2016

How the United States Became a Prisoner of War and Congress Went MIA.

The Dog Ate My Vote: How Congress Explains Its Absences

November 2015

It’s customary for members of the House of Representatives to file an explanation when they miss a vote. These Personal Explanations are a glimpse into the pace and trade-offs inherent in modern government.

Robert Reich: Anticipatory Bribery

June 2015

Bribing government officials is only illegal, but what unspoken deals are being made anyway?

William Hartung: Your Money at War Everywhere

March 2015

Military strategy? Who needs it?

Richard Falk: Netanyahu, The Day After

March 2015

Congress's self-destructive embrace.

Robert Reich: Wall Street’s Democrats

December 2014

Wall Street is one of the Democratic party’s biggest contributors.

Jay Walljasper: Squashing Municipal Broadband

July 2014

Why are state legislatures and congressional Republicans objecting to municipal broadband networks?

Lois Beckett: Republicans Say No to CDC Gun Violence Research

April 2014

Giving the CDC money for gun violence research is a “request to fund propaganda,” a Georgia congressman says.

David Morris: Republican Principles Depend on What’s Best for the Rich

January 2014

A stark look at class warfare in Congress.

Peter Van Buren: What if Congress Says No?

September 2013

Why refusing to attack Syria matters.

Robert Reich: Before Congress Resumes, a Reminder About What’s at Stake

September 2013

As we prepare for more puerile politics and petty tactics, let’s remember what needs to be done to heal our economy and democracy.

Robert Reich: Whatever Happened to the Public Good?

August 2013

Why we don't value institutions like public schools, hospitals and universities the way we used to.

David Morris: Only Congress Can End Forty Years Of Insanity

August 2013

Our attitude toward medical marijuana has unfolded like an interminable tragedy with three acts.

Kara Brandeisky: Before Obama was President

August 2013

As a senator, Obama supported strong controls on surveillance. As president, not so much..

Kara Brandeisky: Six Ways Congress May Reform NSA Snooping

July 2013

A measure to end one NSA program was just defeated in the House by a surprisingly narrow margin. Here are other proposals on the table.

Ed Winstead: Parliamentary Inquiry

July 2013

In the age of K Street, soft money, and safe seats, it's tempting to abandon our political institutions and shout down our opponents. Here's why we shouldn't.

Rachel Riederer: Texas Hold Up

June 2013

A play-by-play of Wendy Davis’s filibuster, and why it made such great, heartening, and depressing absurdity TV.

Robert Reich: The Quiet Closing of Washington

June 2013

Gridlock in the federal government exacerbates division between the states.

Christie Thompson: Five Ways Congress is Trying to Curb Rape in the Military

June 2013

Senators have rushed to draft legislation to hold attackers accountable and provide support for victims.

Robert Reich: A Time for Harry Reid’s Backbone

May 2013

A president’s court picks shouldn’t require sixty Senate votes.

Robert Reich: Lessons from the World of Tax Avoidance

May 2013

How nations can negotiate with global capital.

Theodoric Meyer: As Need for New Flood Maps Rises, Congress and Obama Cut Funding

May 2013

Congress has cut funding for updating flood maps by more than half since 2010, from $221 million down to $100 million this year.

Robert Reich: The IRS and the Real Scandal

May 2013

The problem is that the IRS has interpreted our tax laws to allow big corporations and wealthy individuals unlimited political influence.

Justin Elliott: House Finance Chair Hensarling Goes on Ski Vacation with Wall Street

May 2013

A getaway with Hensarling, whose committee oversees Wall Street and its regulators, is an invaluable opportunity for industry lobbyists.

Liz Day & Justin Elliott: Republicans and Dems Come Together

April 2013

To keep the IRS from competing with TurboTax.

Theodoric Meyer: Under Obama, More Appointments Go Unfilled

February 2013

Why did 13 percent of appointed positions remain unfilled after the President's first term?

Theodoric Meyer: Do As We Say, Congress Says, Then Does What It Wants

February 2013

Federal law often falls short of regulating Congress itself.

Nick Turse: The Hagel Hearings

February 2013

The last best chance for the truth about a lost war and America’s war-making future.

Joaquin Sapien: How the NRA Undermined Congress’ Last Push for Gun Control

January 2013

For Obama's gun control proposals to succeed, Congress must learn the NRA's past tactics.

Robert Reich: The Only Way Left to Beat Republican Fanatics

December 2012

We should call the Republicans' bluff and and go over the fiscal cliff.

Cora Currier: Cutting Through the Controversy about Indefinite Detention and the NDAA

December 2012

Everything you need to know about Congress and the NDAA.

Robert Reich: Opening Positions on the Cliff Deal: Déjà Vu All Over Again

November 2012

The President lays out his plan for America's fiscal future.

Robert Reich: The Upcoming Mini-Deal on the “Fiscal Cliff”

November 2012

For those newly in office, the easiest route is that of least resistance.

Robert Reich: The President’s Opening Bid on a Grand Bargain (III)

November 2012

The difference between "broadening the tax base" and raising taxes on the rich.

Robert Reich: How January’s Fiscal Cliff Turns Into a Gentle Hill by February

October 2012

The so-called fiscal cliff might not turn out as dramatic as we imagine.

Robert Reich: A Back Door to the Public Option

June 2012

Many have said a Supreme Court strike-down of the individual mandate could be the end of Obamacare, but it might be what's needed to revive the public option.

Last Temptation

August 2009 The former mouthpiece for insurance giant Cigna divulges his role in misleading the public, the emotional day that led to his whistle-blowing, and what should really scare you.