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August 2013

The writer, on his own authority, gets a few things wrong.

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Mark Morrisroe was a photographer and performance artist who grew up in Malden, Massachusetts, the son of a drug-addicted mother. He was a prostitute by the age of fifteen and was shot in the chest by a john at seventeen; the bullet remained lodged, too close to the spine to remove. His photography and performances epitomized the influence of queer punk in the art world in the 1980s and achieved a self-baring radical candor, like that of David Wojnarowicz, especially in his precipitous and fatal illness. He died in 1989.

Fairfield and Anne Porter had James Schuyler as a long-term guest rather than a housesitter, on and off for twelve years, although Schuyler periodically retreated without the Porters to one of their homes, at Great Spruce Head, Long Island. Freely Espousing, written during this time, was dedicated to the couple. After Fairfield Porter died, Anne Porter was one of the benefactors who set up “the Fund” that would afford Schuyler a moderately independent home life.

The fuller passage of the 1995 poem “Untitled [‘I always put my pussy’]” by Eileen Myles is: “I always …