Tag: criminal justice

Smoke Signals

October 2016

The director on what happens when Native American tradition collides with urban gang culture.

Martina Fouquet: The Racial Dynamics of Justice—When Life Imitates Art

August 2016

Reading the OJ Simpson trial through a novelistic lens.

Kenneth R. Rosen: The Case for Expungement

December 2015

Police records can haunt a lifetime, but they don’t have to.

Jen Manion: When White Liberals (and Black Elites) Make Things Worse

October 2015

A historical perspective on language and the criminalization of African Americans.

Joe Sexton: The Prominence and Plight Of Girls in the Juvenile Justice System

October 2015

Girls make up a growing share of children arrested and detained across the country.

Joe Sexton: True or False, the Power of Confessions is Great

January 2015

The Etan Patz murder trial is the latest test case for measuring the power of a confession, whether or not it’s actually true.

Janee Woods: A Different Kind of Justice

December 2014

Punitive justice won't bring back Michael Brown--or Eric Garner or Tamir Rice or Trayvon Martin or John Crawford. Why unraveling systemic racism starts with communities, not courts.

Amy Butcher: Why It’s Called A Life Sentence

September 2014

Kevin became interesting only after the night he walked me home, committed his crime, and called the police.

Sebastian Rotella: In U.S. Trial of Massacre Suspect, a Rare Chance for Guatemalan Justice

September 2013

Following the federal trial of a former military officer from Guatemala’s 1982 civil war.

Joaquin Sapien: When Prosecutors Cross the Line

August 2013

How New York City prosecutors have long-abused a powerful legal tool—the material witness order.

Joaquin Sapien: Objection Overruled

June 2013

Top prosecutor must testify in wrongful conviction case.

Salar Abdoh: A Hanging at the House of Artists

February 2013

The public execution of two petty thieves sends a message to Tehran's artists and intellectuals. A dispatch from the gallows.