Tag: Cuba

Hyatt Bass: Lessons from Cuba’s Incarceration Model

March 2016

A conversation between Executive Director of the Correctional Association of New York, Soffiyah Elijah, and filmmaker Hyatt Bass.

Roslyn Bernstein: Coloring the Grey Zone

March 2016

In Havana, an art world in transition.

Locating Cuba

December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The scholar and author on Cuban contemporary art and how changing US-Cuba diplomacy may impact the art world.

When the Lobbying Underdogs Get Ahead

November 2015

A look at how the Iran Deal was made possible by unlikely groups.

Robin Hemley: When You Put it That Way

February 2015

On meeting fugitive Nehanda Abiodun in Cuba, on crossing other borders.

Before the Eclipse

January 2015

The photographer’s recent images of Havana.

The National Security State in 2015

January 2015

In an almost enemy-less world in which the American economic system was triumphant and the US possessed by far the strongest military on the planet, nothing seems to have gone as planned or faintly right.

Lou Dubose: Our Man in Havana

December 2014

Marco Rubio is wrong; Alan Gross was no hostage.

A Planet for Rent

September 2014

Science fiction from Cuba.

Building in Verse

April 2014

The inaugural poet on writing through cultural dualities, the pleasure of bilingualism, and why “the poem is a kind of mathematical proof.”

Noam Chomsky: The Week the World Stood Still

October 2012

The Cuban Missile Crisis and ownership of the world.

Julia Cooke: Cuban Zombies and Disappearing Acts

June 2012

What can we learn about Cuba from zombie movies and escape ploys?

Writing Images

April 2012

From a new collection of playwright interviews, Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz on Lorca, American directors, and the cross he won’t bear.

Cinefilia en Habana

March 2012 How one Cuban filmmaker bucks the revolution and reimagines Utopia.

Recovering Cubanness

July 2011 The Pulitzer Prize-winning author on his new memoir, recovering his Latin roots in America, his relationship with Donald Barthelme, and how he found his voice.