Tag: culture

Deep Sounds

March 2016

Future of Language: The biologist and whale expert on cetacean diversity, listening to whales, and the possibility of culture in nature.

Tana Wojczuk: Shakespeare on the Frontier

February 2016

Is Shakespeare Dead?: A cultural inferiority complex leads to a quirky vision of the Bard.

Jonathan Weisman: A Britain Beyond Costume

December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The UK isn't like Downton Abbey anymore.

Robert Reich: The Big Chill

April 2015

Big money is buying off criticism of bad money with the tools of philanthropy.

Lyzette Wanzer: Twisted

August 2014

What if her braids / dreads / curls could talk?

Saxon Baird: The Dying Days of Vinyl in Reggae’s Capital

February 2014

While foreigners buy up the relics of Jamaica’s musical heritage, reggae culture lives on in Kingston.

Tina Hassannia: An Iranian in Paris

December 2013

Asghar Farhadi’s The Past raises questions about what makes a film Iranian and how we should treat that category in the first place

Robert Reich: When Charity Begins at Home

December 2013

The problem with charitable donations.

Rebecca Wolff: So Long, Suckers

October 2013

"Oh, it’s just so fabulous in New York, you can really just learn to step over people’s suffering bodies." A response to Didion's famed 1967 essay.

Tom Engelhardt: The Secret History of G.I. Joe

August 2013

Barbie, Joe, Darth Vader, and warmaking in children’s culture.

Alexia Nader: Literary Miami

October 2012

The broad strokes of Tom Wolfe’s Back to Blood and the subtle specificity of Joan Didion’s Miami.

Aaron Labaree: Postcard from Tar-Sands Country

August 2012

The rush to mine Canada’s bitumen deposits has created modern-day boomtowns. This summer one of them lost its oldest bar.

Raymond Stock: Omar Sharif Speaks

April 2012

In this never-published interview legendary actor Omar Sharif speaks about fathering a half-Jewish son in a one-night-stand and working on a bawdy, nearly forgotten film with Peter O'Toole.

Strangers in the Dark: Tana Wojczuk Interviews John Guare

March 2012

American Playwright John Guare on Tennessee Williams, writing strong dialog, and discovering a New Orleans lost in history.

Barbara Ehrenreich: Rediscovering Poverty

March 2012

How we cured the “culture of poverty” but not culture itself.