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Ed Winstead: Green Thumbs in the Motor City

September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: Huge swaths of Detroit have been surrendered to the wild. What happens when we try to take them back?

Laura Gottesdiener: A Foreclosure Conveyor Belt

April 2015

The continuing depopulation of Detroit.

Laura Gottesdiener: Two Detroits, Separate and Unequal

November 2014

A journey across a city divided.

Robert Reich: The Bankruptcy of Detroit and the Division of America

September 2014

Buried within the bankruptcy of Detroit is a fundamental political and moral question.

Joshua Akers and John Patrick Leary: Detroit on $1 Million a Day

July 2014

A response to Ben Austen's "Detroit Through Rose-Colored Glasses."

Small Rebellions

July 2014

The civil rights icon on Detroit, the limits of protest organizing, and what she’s learned over seven decades of activism.

Maude Barlow: International Human Rights Violations in Detroit

June 2014

Measuring Detroit's destruction on a global scale.

Austerity Economics Is Like a Kick in the Groin

June 2014

RoboCop’s lessons for our time.

Robert Reich: Detroit and the Bankruptcy of America’s Social Contract

July 2013

A city’s downfall highlights the unprecedented income segregation that exists in the U.S. today.

Steve Fraser: The Archeology of Decline

December 2012

Debtpocalypse, austerity, and the hollowing out of America.

Jay Walljasper: The Surprise Behind Detroit’s Emerging Comeback

October 2012

Young people are making a difference in the cities they call home.

Jay Walljasper: Not Your Father’s Motor City

August 2012

Southwest Detroit has defied the stereotype of urban decay.

Off the Grid

June 2011

A photographer and former Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana observes the beauty of the dark and the politics of electricity. (With video.)

Guernica Contributor John Patrick Leary on WDET About “Detroitism”

February 2011
 “A lot of the interest comes from a sense that the city of Detroit isn’t just an exception to the rule of the United States…that Detroit is, in some sense, the future of American cities…”

John Patrick Leary: Further Reading for “Detroitism”

January 2011
 Leary, author of this issue’s “Detroitism,” offers reading recommendations for putting together Detroit’s story, as well as the increasingly-familiar story of urban America in an era of prolonged economic crisis.

Jay Walljasper: Detroit City Limits: Finding Devastation and Hope in a Hard Hit City

July 2010 The urban-suburban divide in Detroit shows the need to treat a metropolitan area as a single organism, rooted in a sense of the commons.