Tag: Doctors

Thomas Larson: On Medical Authority

August 2015

In a sea of books and media on medicine and illness, too few give voice to the patients.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee: How Should a Doctor Act?

November 2014

New York City: an infection story.

Robert Reich: Why We Allow Big Pharma to Rip Us Off

October 2014

America spends a fortune on drugs, more per person than any other nation on earth.

Charles Ornstein: Medicare Billing Outliers Often Have Disciplinary Problems, Too

June 2014

Medicare finds financial oversight associated with more serious problems.

Charles Ornstein: More Tools, Beyond Ratings, To Pick Your Doctor

April 2014

Doctor familiarity without the wire taps.

Charles Ornstein: Leaders of Teaching Hospitals Have Close Ties to Drug Companies

April 2014

Nearly every large drug maker based in the United States had at least one academic medical center official on its board, raising questions about their independence.

Charles Ornstein: Some Predictions on How Medicare Will Release Physician Payment Data

January 2014

The government’s announcement that it will begin releasing the data seems to have ticked off both supporters and opponents of broader transparency in medicine.

Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber: Generic or Name Brand?

November 2013

With billions in potential savings for Medicare at stake, we asked drug experts and practitioners alike why more doctors don't recommend generics when they can.

Marshall Allen: Why Doctors Stay Quiet About Colleagues’ Mistakes

November 2013

Doctors have an ethical duty towards their patients. What about to fellow doctors?

Theodoric Meyer: Pay to Prescribe?

May 2013

Two dozen doctors named in Novartis kickback case.

Two Doctors

By Terese Svoboda
April 2006

Two doctors, married to each other. At first it was doctor and nurse skulking dark corridors in heat and finding empty gurneys, then doctor on doctor.