Tag: Documentary

Family Photographs

October 2016

The New York Film Festival presents Errol Morris on Elsa Dorfman and Petra Epperlein with Michael Tucker on the Stasi files.

Smoke Signals

October 2016

The director on what happens when Native American tradition collides with urban gang culture.

A Second Start

June 2016

The Danish filmmaker discusses refugee children in Denmark, the safety of schools, and the quiet power of the observer.

Kate Jenkins: Lot Lizard

May 2016

A feature documentary considers the private lives of female sex workers at America's truck stops.

The Shark’s Fin

October 2015

A new documentary follows three climbers up one of the world’s most challenging peaks to explore the depths of commitment, passion, and calculated risk.

A Dangerous Language

May 2015

The Kurdish filmmaker on deploying a camera rather than a gun to fight for his community.

Documentary Film and the Pleasure Principle

December 2014

Reflections on Les Blank.

A Gentleman’s War

April 2014

In the fields of Brooklyn’s Jamaica Bay, a documentarian explores the transnational landscape of the sport of cricket.

Ela Bittencourt: The Driver’s Seat

November 2013

On Mark Kendall’s documentary La Camioneta, doing business with Mexico’s drug cartels, and what old school buses have to do with self-determination.

Spencer McCall: Roaming San Francisco in Search of Elsewhere

October 2013

Susie Neilson talks to the director of The Institute, a documentary about an alternate reality game that had San Franciscans wandering the city streets in search of heaven on earth.

Caroline Cooper: The Act of Seeing The Act of Killing

June 2013

A new documentary on Indonesia’s 1965-66 anti-communist genocide is taking the international festival circuit by storm. But in the country that most needs to see it, the film is underground, its crew largely anonymous.

Roz Bernstein: My Esquire

June 2013

Looking back at Norman Mailer, Diane Arbus, Tom Wolfe, and the magazine that brought them all together.

Kirsten O’Regan: These Dark Histories

April 2013

A profile of photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier, whose exhibition A Haunted Capital is at the Brooklyn Museum through August.

Guernica Movies: 5+5

March 2013

Life in a Chinese artists’ colony through the eyes of the local taxi driver

Leah Carroll: Beyoncé and the Real Girl

February 2013

How do you solve a problem like Beyoncé? With her autobiography pic and some drag artists from the ’80s.

The Future of Carbon Trading in Chiapas

October 2012

Climate change activism collides with indigenous land movements in Mexico’s Zapatista heartland, where the interests of a green economy threaten to crowd out the voices of those for whom it matters.

Angela Chen: Ai Weiwei Still Isn’t Sorry

July 2012

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is now as notorious for his political actions as for his work. Alison Klayman's new documentary, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry, shows that his originality comes precisely from combining the two.

Precarious Ground

July 2012

Documentarian Annie Eastman tells the stories of families in Salvador’s palafitas—water slums built on piles of garbage—and confronts her outsider status.

Ann DeWitt: Marina Abramovic’s Gestures of Empathy in an Absentee World

June 2012

The documentary Marina Abramovic The Artist Is Present gives an inside look at the artist’s discipline, creative process, and love story.

Bryan House

May 2012

Peter Hoffman documents an Illinois home that helps refugees take the next step towards establishing a stable new life in the U.S.