Tag: drones

Tom Engelhardt: The World After Me

July 2016

Eternal “Wartime” in America.

Rebecca Gordon: The Trojan Drone

July 2016

An Illegal Military Strategy Disguised as Technological Advance.

William J. Astore: What’s the Meaning of Failure?

April 2016

A Dictionary of Euphemisms for Imperial Decline.

Pratap Chatterjee: Drone Whistleblowers Step Out of the Shadows

April 2016

In Washington’s Drone Wars, Collateral Damage Comes Home

Peter Van Buren: Back to the Future

April 2016

Five Questions That Weren't Asked During the 2012 Presidential Debates and Are Unlikely to Be Asked in 2016.

Mattea Kramer: Killing Someone Else’s Beloved

March 2016

Promoting the American Way of War in Campaign 2016.

Pratap Chatterjee: Killing by Committee in the Global Wild West

July 2015

The perpetrators become the victims of drone warfare.

Tom Engelhardt: Who Counts? Body Counts, Drones, and “Collateral Damage”

May 2015

Engelhardt weighs in on the consistent erasure of the casualties in the War on Terror.

Andrew Cockburn: The Kingpin Strategy

April 2015

Andrew Cockburn on how Pablo Escobar's assassination could inform War on Terror policy.

Grégoire Chamayou: Manhunters, Inc.

April 2015

How the Predator and extra-judicial execution became Washington’s calling cards.

Pratap Chatterjee: Are Pilots Deserting Washington’s Remote-Control War?

March 2015

A new form of war may be producing a new form of mental disturbance.

Tom Engelhardt: The Senate Drone Report of 2019

December 2014

The national security state "works," even if nothing it does works.

From Baghdad to the Bakken

October 2014

American Empires: Home from the oil wars abroad, US service members and military contractors are flocking to North Dakota’s emerging boomtowns.

Atef Abu Saif: The Children Have Barely Slept

July 2014

Dispatch from Gaza: Day-to-day life continues even in a war zone, but sleep does not.

Peter Van Buren: Drone Killing the Fifth Amendment

February 2014

How to build a post-Constitutional America one death at a time.

Cora Currier: What We Still Don’t Know About Drones

November 2013

The government's tally of civilian deaths, and guidelines on who can be targeted, just to name a few.

Guernica Films: Measure of a Life

November 2013

Face-to-face with survivors of one of the most infamous drone strikes in Pakistan.

Tom Engelhardt: Why Washington Can’t Stop

October 2013

The coming era of tiny wars and micro-conflicts.

Cora Currier: Drone Makers Gather to Defend Their Much-Maligned Machines

October 2013

A dispatch from the conference of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems.

Cora Currier: Condolence Payments in the Drone War

August 2013

Does the U.S. pay families when drones kill innocent Yemenis?

Richard Falk: Ending Perpetual War? Endorsing Drone Warfare?

June 2013

President Obama, drone warfare, and the self-mystifying glories of American exceptionalism.

Tom Engelhardt: American Anniversaries from Hell

March 2013

What you don’t know can hurt you.

William J. Astore: Drone Warfare is Neither Cheap, Nor Surgical, Nor Decisive

March 2013

The ever-destructive dreams of air power enthusiasts.

Cora Currier: How Does the U.S. Mark Unidentified Men in Pakistan and Yemen as Drone Targets?

March 2013

How exactly does the U.S. government define 'militant activity'?

Cora Currier: The Drone War Doctrine We Still Know Nothing About

February 2013

Most drone strikes are directed at unidentified targets—not U.S. citizens or known Al Qaeda leaders—with murky justification.

Tom Engelhardt: Dumb and Dumber

February 2013

A secret CIA drone base, a blowback world, and why Washington has no learning curve.

Todd Miller: Living in a Constitution-Free Zone

February 2013

Drones, surveillance towers, malls of the spy state, and the national security police on the northern border.

Cora Currier: Drone Strikes Test Legal Grounds for War on Terror

February 2013

What constitutes 'necessary and appropriate force'?

Tom Engelhardt: The American Lockdown State

February 2013

Post-Legal drones, the Bin Laden tax, and other wonders of our American world.

Cora Currier: Everything We Know So Far About Drone Strikes

January 2013

The U.S. is conducting drone strikes in at least three countries beyond Iraq and Afghanistan. Here’s a reading guide to understanding the our shadow wars.

Justin Elliott: Have U.S. Drones Become a ‘Counterinsurgency Air Force’ for Our Allies?

November 2012

Micah Zenko talks about the uncertain motives underlying US drone policy.

Alfred W. McCoy: Beyond Bayonets and Battleships

November 2012

Technology is reshaping the face of U.S. military power, but is it for the best?

Peter Van Buren: Don’t Ask and Don’t Tell

October 2012

During the next two presidential debates, some important foreign policy questions won't be asked.

Mattea Kramer: Tough Talk for America

October 2012

A guide to the presidential debates you won't be hearing.

Tom Engelhardt: Monopolizing War?

September 2012

War has become a sort of American monopoly--but the American people don't seem to know, or care.

Joe Penney: A Mystery Airstrike and Mali’s “Inevitable” War

July 2012

Calls for a Western intervention in northern Mali, now being called “Africa’s Afghanistan,” rely on logical fallacies and ignore recent history.

Tom Engelhardt: The Military Solution

July 2012

A process of militarization is working its way through all facets of American government, and it's not likely to stop any time soon.

Nick Turse: The New Obama Doctrine, A Six-Point Plan for Global War

June 2012

Civilian soldiers, drones, and cyber attacks are just a few elements of the Obama formula for contemporary war.

Noam Chomsky Comments on the “Kill List”

June 2012

Guernica Editor in Chief Joel Whitney tracked down Noam Chomsky to get his opinion on the President's recently revealed 'kill list.'

Tom Engelhardt: Praying at the Church of St. Drone

June 2012

An unprecedented expansion of authority has created a new role for the president: Assassin-in-Chief.

Nick Turse: A Drone-Eat-Drone World

May 2012

Drone technology has long been touted as the future of warfare, but should we believe the hype?