Tag: Ed Winstead

Ed Winstead: Green Thumbs in the Motor City

September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: Huge swaths of Detroit have been surrendered to the wild. What happens when we try to take them back?

Ed Winstead: Empire of Sighs

September 2014

American Empires: The talking heads are giving us bad information. So why are we still listening?

On a Strange Roof, Thinking of Home

March 2014

Toward a definition of Southern literature that goes beyond twang.

Ed Winstead: Parliamentary Inquiry

July 2013

In the age of K Street, soft money, and safe seats, it's tempting to abandon our political institutions and shout down our opponents. Here's why we shouldn't.

Sherman Alexie: The Value of Subverting Authority

October 2012

Banned Books: The acclaimed author speaks about what motivates his censors, self-censorship, and the value of stories.

Roger D. Hodge: The Personality of a Magazine

September 2012

Newly minted Oxford American editor Roger D. Hodge discusses the role of an editor, finding a form, and the newsstand's allure.

Editors’ Picks: September Recommended Reading

September 2012

Our editors highlight some worthy books to start off the fall.

Ed Winstead: More Than You Can Chew

September 2012

What the all-you-can-eat buffet tells us about misguided nostalgia, overcoming privation, and the RNC.

Ed Winstead: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

August 2012

What's next for the Oxford American now that founder Marc Smirnoff has been fired?

Ed Winstead: Empty and Blue and Serene

June 2012

Even supporters of North Carolina's gay-marriage ban know it won't last 20 years. Ed Winstead reflects on the South, the past, and when legislation plans its own obsolescence.