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Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: High Violet

May 2010 There's a reason this album is getting international attention.

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: LateNightTales

April 2010 This collection of songs creates a mellow, ethereal, emotional atmosphere without being sentimental.

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: The Art of Simple Food

March 2010 Waters is not heavy-handed or preachy—she’s an expert at demystifying cooking.

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: Rex Ray: Art + Design

March 2010 An exuberant survey of the artist’s career.

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: Herb & Dorothy

February 2010 Part history and part love story, this documentary is perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: The American Painter Emma Dial

January 2010 This novel stares at the most frustrating experience an artist can have and renders it honestly.

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: Contemporary Holiday Music

December 2009 There is hope yet for the genre.

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: The Selected Levis

November 2009 The Selected Levis feels complete in a way that most selecteds don’t.

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: Art Forms in Nature

November 2009 “I don’t so much read the book as stare at its pages—the illustrations are spellbinding.”

Rec Room: Elizabeth Onusko: Taller Children

October 2009 Taller Children is so enjoyable because it avoids monotony—rather than linger in a single emotional zone, it continuously alternates between effervescence and melancholy.

Staff Pick: Elizabeth Onusko

September 2009 Usher in autumn with a spell-binding classical composition.

Staff Pick: Elizabeth Onusko

September 2009 O’Hara’s seismographic recordings of motion on paper are at once sculptural and poetic.

Staff Pick: Elizabeth Onusko

August 2009 I understand that the Kindle has its place. But when I hear “experts” extol of the virtues of California’s recent decision to use electronic textbooks...I find myself wondering why our culture seems to value that which is novel without asking a few questions first.

Staff Pick: Elizabeth Onusko

August 2009 In City of Thieves, Lev and Kolya risk their lives for a cake and a second chance.

Staff Pick: Elizabeth Onusko

July 2009 The poems in Darcie Dennigan’s debut collection, Corinna A-Maying the Apocalypse, radiate.

Staff Pick: Elizabeth Onusko

July 2009 Matt & Kim’s Grand will put you in a good mood even if you don’t want to be in one.

Staff Pick: Elizabeth Onusko

June 2009 When poet Paul Guest, who was paralyzed in an accident as a child, writes of his condition in My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge, he is simultaneously blunt, frenzied, grief-stricken, and humorous.

Demographics: Here Are the Young Men…

By Elizabeth Onusko
October 2004

Harvests of numbers and hackneyed conjectures are staples of American discourse.