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Annelies Mondi: The Art of the Wild

April 2016

Painter Thomas Paquette celebrates a half-century of the Wilderness Act

Bill McKibben: Exxon’s Never-Ending Big Dig

February 2016

Flooding the Earth With Fossil Fuels

Water in the Desert

October 2015

From 1952 to 1981, a chemical used to clean airplanes contaminated the groundwater in a Tucson community. By the time the city stepped in, thousands were already sick or dying.

Women in the World

October 2015

A leading researcher on the need to rescript our narratives about women and the environment.

The Age of Loneliness

September 2015

Boundaries of Nature: When have humans ever looked at something we need, or even just want, and walked away?

Reintroductions and Other Translocations

August 2015

The water had been empty and now was full. This felt like what we should be doing with our human urge to meddle in natural affairs.

Avi Asher-Schapiro: Working in the Coal Mine

April 2015

In the 19th and 20th centuries, energy workers were at the forefront of progressive social reform. Is a similar union possible in the current age of fracking, oil sands, and climate change?

Abrahm Lustgarten: Progress and Controversy Arrive With New Rules for Fracking on Public Lands

March 2015

An initial review of rules issued by the Interior Department shows the federal government has taken important steps to protect drinking water resources, while not adopting the strictest regulations in place in some states.

Isaiah Thompson: Gov’t Data Sharpens Focus on Crude-Oil Train Routes

November 2014

A ProPublica analysis of federal government data adds new details to what’s known about the routes taken by trains carrying crude oil. Local governments are often unaware of the potential dangers they face.

Jeremy Brecher: Our Climate Is Everyone’s Property

October 2014

How the public trust doctrine can be a tool for the climate justice movement.

Todd Gitlin: A Change in the Climate

October 2014

The climate movement steps up.

Margaret Klein: We Need to Talk

September 2014

The founder of The Climate Mobilization talks with Bridget Read about how psychology—not science—may be the key to ending America’s climate denial.

Michael Klare: Oil Rush in America

September 2014

How a global warming president presides over a drill-baby-drill America.

Abrahm Lustgarten: California Halts Injection of Fracking Waste, Warning it May Be Contaminating Aquifers

July 2014

State’s drought has forced farmers to rely on groundwater, even as California aquifers have been intentionally polluted.

Daniel Moss: Victor Alvarado Champions Both Nature and the Poor

March 2014

Mayors in Mexico work on a law against climate change as rich as the country's biodiversity.

Teow Lim Goh: Split

March 2014

Despite all the efforts to whitewash the dangers of nuclear power, we still remember its catastrophic potential.

Heather Samples: In the Land of the Heavy Lifting

February 2014

What the Elk River contamination tells us about a fading West Virginian mythos and the new meaning of Coal Country.

Ellen Cantarow: The Frontlines of Fracking

January 2014

What if fracking came to a town near you?

Michael Klare: The Death of Peak Oil?

January 2014

Shale oil has changed the timeline, but we're still going to run out of oil. Here's why.

Jeremy Brecher: Discovering a Legal Tool to Curb Climate Change

January 2014

A legal argument for climate protection based on the vitality of future generations.

Michelle Chen: A Deluge of Sewage in Palestine, but Still No Water

December 2013

When a natural resource becomes a weapon of war.

Edward Burtynsky’s Water

November 2013

The landscape of human impact.

Robin Yassin-Kassab: Revolutionary Gardening

October 2013

The future of their country remains undetermined, but Syrians are beginning to plant seeds.

Jay Walljasper: Getting America Back on its Feet

October 2013

It’s time to launch a walking movement to strengthen our health and communities.

Jessica Conrad: Taxi Rides Go Communal

September 2013

Shared planes, shared trains; why not shared automobiles?

Jay Walljasper: Save the Planet, Starting on Your Block

September 2013

Local efforts have always been the backbone of global green activism.

Ernest Callenbach: Epistle to the Ecotopians

August 2013

The last words to an America in decline.

William deBuys: Field Notes From a Drying West

July 2013

There simply isn’t enough water to go around.

Abrahm Lustgarten: EPA Drops the Ball, Again

July 2013

In its latest abdication, the EPA hands over the Wyoming Fracking Study to a drilling company.

On the Border

July 2013

A firefighter reflects on flames, family, and migration in the deserts between Arizona and Mexico.

Chip Ward: Trek West for the Big Picture

June 2013

By now you know that you woke up this morning on an overheated planet of slums threatened by ecological collapse. So let’s get right to the point: what do we do about it?

Jonathan Rowe: Our Hidden Wealth

March 2013

How the commons makes everything else work.

Lewis Lapham: The Conquest of Nature

March 2013

And what we’ve lost.

Aleszu Bajak: Catching Fog in Lima

January 2013

Water scarcity and local action in the pueblos jóvenes of Peru.

Abrahm Lustgarten: How the Feds Let Industry Pollute the Nation’s Underground Water Supply

December 2012

Even as water grows more precious, the Environmental Protection Agency has permitted oil and gas, mining and other industries to contaminate aquifers in more than 1,500 places.

David Vine: Picking Up a $170 Billion Tab

December 2012

How U.S. taxpayers are paying the Pentagon to occupy the planet.

Robert Reich: Cliff Notes on the Three Real Perils Ahead

December 2012

Forget the fiscal cliff, there are three other, bigger dangers.

Ellen Cantarow: Frack Fight

November 2012

Activists are waging a secret war, and the stakes couldn't be higher.

Guernica Movies: Plastic, Repurposed

November 2012

A new documentary reveals the beauty and horror of plastic waste

Albert Appleton: How New York City Kept Its Drinking Water Pure–And Saved Billions of Dollars

November 2012

How did New York City manage to control pollution in its water supply on the cheap?

Michael T. Klare: The New “Golden Age of Oil” That Wasn’t

October 2012

Forecasts of oil abundance collide with planetary realities.

Rock Whisperer

October 2012

To find out how fast, and how much, polar ice might melt in the future, scientists are looking to ancient rocks for clues of what happened in the past.

Jack Tuholske: A New Vision for the Great Lakes is Needed

September 2012

The Great Lakes are a commons, not a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder.

Michael T. Klare: The Hunger Wars in Our Future

August 2012

Heat, drought, rising food costs, and the chaos that could ensue.

David Morris: Texas Judge Rules The Sky Belongs To Everyone

August 2012

Has the fight against climate change just taken a monumental step forward?

Subhankar Banerjee: Walking the Waters

August 2012

"Extreme oil" and the destruction of our oceans

Marissa Landrigan: Catch and Release

July 2012

When confronted with homelessness, it's much too easy to look the other way.

Michael T. Klare: Is Barack Obama Morphing Into Dick Cheney?

June 2012

President Obama's approach to energy policy is surprisingly close Dick Cheney's. What this tells us about America's new nationalism.

Bill McKibben: The Planet Wreckers

June 2012

Climate change denial is facing significant new challenges, but the fight is nowhere close to over.

Science Be Damned

June 2012

How Texas managed to export its energy policy to the rest of America.

Ellen Cantarow: How Rural America Got Fracked

May 2012

The environmental nightmare you know nothing about.

Michael T. Klare: The Energy Wars Heat Up

May 2012

Six recent clashes and conflicts on a planet heading into energy overdrive.

Ernest Callenbach: Epistle to the Ecotopians

May 2012

Wise words from a document found on the computer of Ecotopia author Ernest Callenbach (1929-2012) after his death.

Bill McKibben: Too Hot Not to Notice?

May 2012

A planet connected by wild weather.

Rebecca Solnit: Welcome to the 2012 Hunger Games

May 2012

Sending debt oeonage, poverty, and freaky weather into the arena.

Daniel Moss: Debating the Future of Our World’s Water

April 2012

The World Water Forum in Marseille sets the stage for important talks at Rio environment conference.

Michael Klare: A New Energy Third World in North America?

April 2012

How the big energy companies plan to turn the United States into a third-world petro-state.

Chip Ward: A Letter of Apology to My Granddaughter

March 2012

Chip Ward writes to granddaughter Madeline about the problems of the world she’s about to inherit.

God Bless You, Mr. Greybeard

June 2011 The iconic anthropologist and activist on what chimpanzees tell us about our ultimate destiny, the sixth great extinction, and reasons for hope.

For a Coming Extinction

February 2011

The U.S. poet laureate, W.S. Merwin, discusses his role in the antiwar movement, the quagmire of U.S. military occupations, today’s extinction rate, and efforts to conserve nature on Maui.

The Earth is a Mosque

December 2010 Two New York City Muslims discuss the Islamic imperative to care for the earth.

Oil and Ash

By Michael Bazzett
July 2010

I understand this economically, and I’d rather not / mention the resemblance to prostitution, but when I open my / mouth it also fills with something called sky

Fish-Work, Bering Sea

July 2010 A photographer chronicles his career as a commercial fisherman, a career he both romanticizes and loathes.

In Angangueo

June 2010

Little boys in drifts of dulling orange were trying / to pack balls of wings to throw at each other; / she thought perhaps she wouldn't have children.


May 2010

The mammoth and the dodo never saw it coming— / in the end, there is only the idea of species, like a chair / left swinging when the kids go in for lunch.

The 700 Club

April 2010 Skeptics cite 700 “scientists” who doubt global warming. Except few are climatologists. And Joseph Romm says they’re conducting the greatest disinformation campaign in history.

Watch: Chevron’s Amazon Crude mess on 60 Minutes

May 2009 When Texaco left Ecuador in 1992, it left one huge environmental mess. The result has been a suit by tens of thousands of Ecuadorians against Chevron, which bought Texaco, for $27 billion. This is the biggest environmental lawsuit in history.

We Need to Win

April 2009 The environmental child prodigy on how the economy can benefit from green initiatives, why Canada and the U.S. must help lead the way, and the role for tribal peoples in conservation.