Tag: environmental activism

Megan Alpert: Justice and Peace in the Shrinking Forest, Part Two

July 2015

Part II, The Free Men of the Forest: The consequences of oil, development, and state intervention in an indigenous community.

Megan Alpert: Justice and Peace in the Shrinking Forest, Part One

July 2015

Part I, Ordinary Justice: After a spate of killings in 2013, an indigenous community threatened by oil operations struggles to come to terms with their new reality.

Jeremy Brecher: Our Climate Is Everyone’s Property

October 2014

How the public trust doctrine can be a tool for the climate justice movement.

Michelle Chen: A Deluge of Sewage in Palestine, but Still No Water

December 2013

When a natural resource becomes a weapon of war.

Jessica Conrad: Taxi Rides Go Communal

September 2013

Shared planes, shared trains; why not shared automobiles?

Bill McKibben: Movements Without Leaders

August 2013

What to make of change on an overheating planet.

Tom Engelhardt: Terracide and the Terrarists

May 2013

Destroying the planet for record profits.

Peter Barnes: A Brief History of How We Lost the Commons

March 2013

And what we must do to get it back.

Jay Walljasper: Mayors Take Over the World

November 2012

The rising power of local government offers an opportunity to rebuild the commons.

Michael T. Klare: The Hunger Wars in Our Future

August 2012

Heat, drought, rising food costs, and the chaos that could ensue.

David Morris: Texas Judge Rules The Sky Belongs To Everyone

August 2012

Has the fight against climate change just taken a monumental step forward?

Remediate/Re-vision: Public Artists Engaging the Environment

August 2010 The new exhibition of ecological art features works in public spaces that raise awareness about environmental fragility, as well as effect change within the immediate environment itself.