Tag: environmentalism

Subhankar Banerjee: Paradise Burning

July 2015

Why we all need to learn the word “anthropogenic.”

Jay Walljasper: Green Dreams for Earth Day

April 2015

Earth Day should focus on what you can do close to home.

Naomi Oreskes: Wishful Thinking About Natural Gas

July 2014

Why fossil fuels can’t solve the problems created by fossil fuels.

Daniel Moss: Cities Partner with Rural Communities to Protect Water

February 2014

The moral and ethical reasons for good watershed management.

Todd Gitlin: How to Reverse a Slow-Motion Apocalypse

November 2013

Why the divestment movement against big energy matters.

Lewis Lapham: The (Less Than) Eternal Sea

June 2013

The Poet’s Metaphor and the Styrofoaming of the Waters.

Tom Engelhardt: Terracide and the Terrarists

May 2013

Destroying the planet for record profits.

Peter Barnes: A Brief History of How We Lost the Commons

March 2013

And what we must do to get it back.

Pamela Palmater: A Movement to Protect the Earth Rises in Canada

February 2013

Idle No More: Indigenous people mount a high-profile challenge to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's policies.

Abrahm Lustgarten: Message from Mexico – U.S. Is Polluting Water It May Someday Need to Drink

January 2013

While Mexico searches for untapped aquifers, the US government allows companies to pollute potential sources of fresh water.

David Morris: Who Should Pay for the Costs of Climate Change?

January 2013

Increasingly frequent disasters like Hurricane Sandy and Typhoon Bopha raise the question of global sharing.

Meaghan Winter: Extinction is the Rule

December 2012

Sure, forced abortions are oppressive, but so is not being able to breathe.

Roslyn Bernstein: Frank Moore’s Dark Thoughts

November 2012

"Toxic Beauty," a retrospective at NYU’s Grey Gallery, brings together the writing and visual work of an extraordinarily socially engaged artist.

Ellen Cantarow: Frack Fight

November 2012

Activists are waging a secret war, and the stakes couldn't be higher.

Jack Tuholske: A New Vision for the Great Lakes is Needed

September 2012

The Great Lakes are a commons, not a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder.

For a Coming Extinction

February 2011

The U.S. poet laureate, W.S. Merwin, discusses his role in the antiwar movement, the quagmire of U.S. military occupations, today’s extinction rate, and efforts to conserve nature on Maui.

The 700 Club

April 2010 Skeptics cite 700 “scientists” who doubt global warming. Except few are climatologists. And Joseph Romm says they’re conducting the greatest disinformation campaign in history.