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When Ann Patchett Is Emperor

November 2016

The writer on America’s fear culture, bookstores as community builders, and why writers should care about their character more than their characters.

Gregory Pardlo: The Poem as Pursuit

March 2015

“I wanted history I could touch like a flank of a beast.”

Shelly Taylor: Shattered Language

July 2014

Erica Wright talks with a poet who didn’t set out to write about war.

A Muscle of Belief

April 2014

The Guggenheim fellow on returning to free verse in her latest collection, the difficulty of being joyful, and why poetry has taken the place of religion in her life.

Alex Lemon: A Ferocious Kind of Music

April 2014

Why poetry needs more grit.

Idra Novey and Andrew Zawacki: Courting Influxes

July 2013

A conversation between poets about writing place, time, technology, and transformation.

Allison Benis White: The Luminous, Grieving Mind

April 2013

The author of Small Porcelain Head on how poetry can help us mourn.

Brett Fletcher Lauer: Poetry (Society of America) in Motion

April 2013

To kick off National Poetry Month, the deputy director of the Poetry Society of America talks with Erica Wright about institutional rivalry, poetic diplomacy, and encountering verse in unlikely places.

Marilyn Hacker: The Paradox of Translation

October 2012

The prolific translator talks with Guernica’s poetry editor about her work ethic, contemporary Morocco, and what connects poetry with journalism.

Beth Harrison: Preparing for Poem in Your Pocket Day

April 2012

Beth Harrison, interim director of the Academy of American Poets, talks about the value of a national poetry month, the well-versed movie, and Poem in Your Pocket Day.

Emily Fragos: An Eternal Poet

December 2011
 Five questions for a lyric poet at her finest.

Erica Wright: Best YA Trend of 2011

December 2011
 Hint: It has nothing to do with vampires.

Event: Book Launch for Erica Wright’s Instructions for Killing the Jackal

October 2011
 Join Guernica for a reading and reception to celebrate the publication of Erica Wright’s debut collection.

Erica Wright: Sex, Lies, and Iambic Pentameter

July 2011
  The events in Measure for Measure prove we have not come far enough when a man’s word still counts for more than a woman’s and when an elected official can play by a different set of rules than the rest of us.

Andrew Zawacki: On Slovenia, Antitranslation, and “One-night Stand” Poems

May 2011
  What is it like on both sides of the translator-poet equation?

Erica Wright: Petition to Add “Dude Lit” to the Dictionary

March 2011
 The editors of the OED just have to add “dude lit” to their database and, in doing so, ensure an equal opportunity for insult.

Erica Wright: Top Ten Female Fictional Heroes of 2010

January 2011
 There are plenty of female heroes in real life, but what about those fictional characters that usurp our daydreams?

Rec Room: Erica Wright: Aleš Šteger’s The Book of Things

October 2010
 Šteger’s latest collection embodies, addresses, and reconfigures objects ranging from graters to urinals. And it’s downright sexy.

Erica Wright: Top 5 Unnecessary Remakes

August 2010
 With two superfluous remakes soon to make their way to a theater near you, Wright takes a look at the top five movies that did not need do-overs.

Erica Wright: Q & A with Amy Greene, author of Bloodroot

August 2010 In this Q&A, Greene discusses her frustration at how politics and religion merge in small-town Tennessee.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: The Vicious Kind

August 2010 The Vicious Kind is a tense dark comedy…and a warning to get more sleep.

Erica Wright: On Adultery or Why Merwin is the Right Man for the Job

July 2010 A humiliating night becomes life altering as Wright experiences Merwin’s “negative capability” for the first time.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: Angela Carter

June 2010 At once magical realism, post-modernism, and science fiction, Carter’s work defies categorization.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: David Markson

June 2010 Writers are lovers, and critics are masturbators.

Five Questions for Sarah Lindsay

June 2010 This issue’s featured poet on galactic collisions, scientific verse, and poetry’s archaeological powers.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: Special Topics in Calamity Physics

April 2010 It might be more than 500 pages long, but this book zips along like the best of its lighter kin.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: The Anthologist

March 2010 This book is really a sneaky lesson on poetic forms and how great they are. Like in those commercials where parents lie about the vegetable content of a particular snack.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: Fur

March 2010 This imaginative film is touched with just the right amounts of humor and pathos.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: Poetry’s Welcoming Faces

January 2010

There are amazing writers who can make converts of even the most staunch opponents of verse.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: Let the Right One In

December 2009 This film is a haunting consideration of what vampirism might look like without the dietary alternatives of Tru Blood or deer meat.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: Cara B

December 2009 Proceed with caution, but do proceed to Jorge Drexler’s infectious album.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: La Femme Nikita

November 2009 This TV series is done like a good spy drama: no flashy special effects, just film noir twists.

Rec Room: Erica Wright: The Awakening

November 2009 “I blame James Fenimore Cooper for rampant literary disinterest in the United States.”

Staff Pick: Erica Wright

October 2009 A fairy tale which fits in your pocket.

Staff Pick: Erica Wright

September 2009 An author’s solitary retreat is interrupted by a sinister mystery.

Staff Pick: Erica Wright

September 2009 If you can’t make it to her reading on Monday, you should probably get your hands on Adrienne Rich’s masterpiece, Diving Into The Wreck.

Staff Pick: Erica Wright

August 2009 Engaging and inspiring books to help sharpen your poetic craft.

Staff Pick: Erica Wright

August 2009 Okay, so all poets are obsessed with death, but Thomas James is intimate, and that intimacy leads to insight rather than self-pity.

Staff Pick: Erica Wright

July 2009 No matter how much you badger me, I am not wading into War and Peace this summer. But novellas! Oh, novellas are like mint juleps on an August afternoon.

Staff Pick: Erica Wright

July 2009 When Doug Burr’s Thing About Trouble came on two winters ago, I had that immediate connection certain songs engender.

Staff Pick: Erica Wright

July 2009 Hardwick defies genre in this lyric memoir/novel, championing the sentence above all else. NYRB Classics did us all a favor when they resurrected Sleepless Nights from the out-of-print graveyard in 2001.

Houses at Night

February 2008 Rock-star poet John Ashbery on pop art, manifestos, and feeling like a foreigner in America.