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The F Word

November 2016

How queer families redefine the terms we use.

Reunion in Selma

October 2016

Finding connection after a complicated family history.

Family Photographs

October 2016

The New York Film Festival presents Errol Morris on Elsa Dorfman and Petra Epperlein with Michael Tucker on the Stasi files.

Jackson Bliss: Obāsan In A Cup

August 2016

Despite a life of poverty, sustenance of the heart endures.

Piotr Florczyk: Taking The Long Way Home

June 2016

An Immigrant father-to-be ponders what homeland means to him, and what it might mean to his daughter.

Rachel Hall: Mother Tongue

June 2016

On what a dying language leaves behind.

Matthew Clark Davison: Lapsed

June 2016

If I ever make it and they ask me where I’m from, I’ll say MARs: Moving, AIDS, and Religion.


June 2016

He doesn’t talk much about his life in Sri Lanka before the war, only after, as if in 1983 when everything ended for some Sri Lankan Tamils is when his life begins.

I Am A Rock

June 2016

Whenever the latest woe is me commercial came on hawking the newest painkiller, Mami commanded our attention: “That’s me!”

Moscow Windows

May 2016

An unimaginably endless life lay ahead of me, almost frighteningly so. Sometimes, when I thought about it, I became so agitated that I found it difficult to breathe.


April 2016

Bulgarians are physical people. I discovered that when I left and came to New York.

Gillie Collins: Doug DuBois and the Photography of Family

April 2016

In Good Time is the first mid-career survey of DuBois’ photographs on exhibit at Aperture Gallery.

Redfern Jon Barrett: Polyamory and the New Struggle for Civil Rights

March 2016

Why we need to recognize the changing face of Western families.

The Tale of the Hag

March 2016

Her feet were brown. She ambled closer. Darling, I’m you, she said. I’m you from the future.

Shakespeare, New Mexico

December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: With time, I learned to love and master my scenes.

Hidden in a Suitcase

November 2015

In search of the mother who gave her up for adoption, the author finds six siblings instead. Decades later, she contemplates the drug addiction that cost many of them their lives.


November 2015

Then high school came, and my brother and I didn’t talk. I was some bitch-majesty in the schoolyard, and whoever said all tomboys are loved has never been a tomboy.

Water Butterfly

October 2015

No one knows when exactly he became the thing I fed upon, the thing whose body works for my body, day and night.


August 2015

Now that she had shared a story, the Mother said, he must tell her one of his own. Something that had happened to him. He could tell that she meant something terrible.


June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: And as I parted my lips and then, later, my legs, watching the last clouds of smoke slip upward, I kept hearing my mother’s voice say, “Jesus is a fire.”

A Boy My Sister Dated in High School

May 2015

When the boy she was dating hit my sister, it made a sharp cracking sound, just like it does in the movies.

The Baby

May 2015

“I hope you pathetic little boys are proud of yourselves!” she cried. “I honestly do!”

Sarah Beth Childers: Portraits within Portraits

April 2015

A family held together by a photo frame.

Only Son

April 2015

“Some are really crazy,” the nurse said. “Others are just pretending.”

Karissa Chen: Pomegranate

March 2015

Flash Fiction: Her name sounding like coming, like arrived, like I am here.

Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair

March 2015

On interracial adoption in “post-racial” America.

Red Brick

March 2015

Sam wants to see the Mississippi River at night. He has heard of Tom Sawyer and he looks for him in the faces of boys they pass.


November 2014

When they arrived in Abbottabad, my mother thought it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. My father was glad for his homecoming.

Ghost House

October 2014

The stories of the kidnapped always begin the same way.

Jessica Machado: Falling Behind the Kardashians

September 2014

American Empires: In defense of Rob Kardashian, and turning your back on the family business.

Jason Bell: The Bar-B-Cure

April 2014

I feel the image of myself emerging in his hands, and with every flick and scrape it draws closer to his.

Guernica Films: Measure of a Life

November 2013

Face-to-face with survivors of one of the most infamous drone strikes in Pakistan.

Lingua Franca

October 2013

How can you gauge recovery if you don’t allow the recovered to live? To travel? To risk?

Enduring Exile

October 2013

A family’s journey from Armenia to Syria and back again.

My Friend Evelyn Einstein

October 2013

The author reflects on her fifteen-year friendship with the physicist’s granddaughter—or perhaps his second illegitimate daughter.

Marrying Up

February 2013

Eventually, I married a man more than twice my size. He terrified me. Making love felt like getting run over

This is a Dad Story

August 2012

This story can’t get it’s tense together or it’s person, now. Has it even got its "its" right?

Gone to the Forest

June 2012

His father is more than twice her age but her eyes are pinned to his lips as he speaks to her in his fur-lined baritone.

From River of Smoke

October 2011 To assemble the whole clan—La Fami Colver, as they said in Kreol—was never easy since its members were widely scattered, within the island and abroad.

Girls on Ice

June 2011

I was in the bathroom stall at the Armenian chicken place in Anaheim when I overheard Sarah say to her even more annoying friend Abeer at the mirror, where they were both putting on gobs of makeup, “I’m just going to kill myself, habibti, if I don’t make the triple axel at the championships next month.”

Snake Story

December 2010

my father has always had / a fear of being swallowed / whether by a large reptile or the earth

Deepening into Humanness

November 2010

Guest Editor Emily Fragos introduces six poets who write about family incarnations—Matthew Zapruder, Cynthia Cruz, Gabriel Fried, Mark Wunderlich, Lynn Melnick, and Jennifer Franklin.


By Cynthia Cruz, guest-edited by Emily Fragos
November 2010

Got my enzymes, a nickel bag of / Electrolytes. My entire life, / I’ve been waiting for this.

It Is Tuesday

By Matthew Zapruder, guest-edited by Emily Fragos
November 2010

if you hate me / it must be / for ancient reasons

The Butcher

By Gabriel Fried, guest-edited by Emily Fragos
November 2010

He’s not old, but he is / too old to live with his sisters / for no reason.

Gebet eines Ehemannes (A Husband’s Prayer)

By Mark Wunderlich, guest-edited by Emily Fragos
November 2010

When thistles spring up in the field / of our marriage, when the noxious vine // twines onto the maple, let us pull it up / by its roots.

Poem for a Daughter

By Lynn Melnick, guest-edited by Emily Fragos
November 2010

We aren’t native to this land. / It’s time to plant what is. It’s time to go home.

I would like my love to die

By Jennifer Franklin, guest-edited by Emily Fragos
November 2010

Thin arm around my neck. It doesn’t look / Strong enough to hold a small animal; but it is.

The Smiths, as I understand them

October 2010

There’s a box at the hospital in which to deposit / children unlikely to win the Nobel Prize.