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Burhan Sönmez: Mortal Gods in the Greek Sea

April 2016

Flash Fiction: We had no idea that a livid war was advancing on us like a sandstorm. We were committed to life, not death.


March 2016

Future of Language: WIFE!—who would not tolerate this complaint of his, who no longer indulged his talking, who could not even bear to look at him.

Andrés Neuman: A Terribly Perfect Couple

September 2015

Flash Fiction:"What a perfect couple, two halves of the same little orange."

Elisabeth Frost: Mother and Daughter

December 2014

Flash Fiction: The daughter, the one they think they made all by themselves, holds the hand, and holds also the head, unwise and old and greedy.

Chelsea Biondolillo: Raccoon, Pronghorn, Mule Deer, Ring-necked Pheasant, Fox

July 2014

Flash: The twisted leg, the handful of feathers.

Lina M. Ferreira: Practice

June 2014

Flash Fiction: I turn to see the man raising the stick and swinging it hard against the boy’s hip.

Rachel Yoder: Fart Mart

June 2014

Flash Fiction: I dream of fat cats wearing sweatbands trying to get in shape on treadmills.

Abeer Hoque: Dagger and Shield

May 2014

It’s that look he loves even though he knows she isn’t really seeing him. He’s part of the landscape, inside her inner eye.

Matthew Sharpe: Untitled

April 2014

Flash Fiction: "If you can’t forgive, the past is going to eat you up."

Raimondo Cortese: Dream Life of Butterflies

April 2014

Flash Fiction: I soon made a decision to stop studying. My real life began after class.

Hideo Furukawa: A Dispatch from the Monkey Planet

April 2014

Flash Fiction: An outside had never existed before! Does that mean where I am now is inside?

Kaitlyn Greenidge: Axe Wound

April 2014

He wanted words to mean one thing. His cheeks burned. He knew this was a stupid wish.

Mieke Eerkens: View On An Accident

March 2014

When I came to the window, his motorcycle was lying on its side hemorrhaging gasoline and oil.

Mira Jacob: Everybody Is Looking for Somebody Like You

March 2014

It didn’t matter if they strolled from his periphery or sprinted up from behind. He felt them coming like a warm wind.

Eric Boyd: The Chains That Keep

February 2014

Behind him’s two bags on the curb. He needs the ride; I cut him a break.

Sung J. Woo: 1950

February 2014

What kind of a war was this, anyway? All we did was move from our house to a stranger’s house, then one after another.

Matthew Salesses: Inside the Inside of the Green Monster

January 2014

Then she did hear something, a scratching deep inside the walls, like something was trapped in there.

Shani Boianjiu: An Odd Bird

January 2014

Flash Fiction Crazy is not hereditary or anything like that.

Dina Nayeri: Um Girassol da Cor do Seu Cabelo

December 2013

She gives me a strange look, turns off the tap and wraps herself in a towel so that her secrets are hidden again.

Christopher Meyers: Letter to My Grandnephew

December 2013

Flash Fiction from PEN's Prison Writing Contest: I have written 721 pages of letters to you. The paper I write letters to you on is 8' x 10.5'. I hate that.

Corey Zeller: Dead Money — Pfizer, Cisco, and Other Value Traps

October 2013

No one knew they’d have to cut off their tongues to keep those little machines of fire going.

Edie Meidav: Catullus

October 2013

You have to get down on your knees and sniff too. Do it right and they understand you are one of them.

Scott Cheshire: Rapport

September 2013

No need for physical pain. Abandonment, helplessness, let a man feel these, and it’s more than enough.

Jennifer H. Fortin: Self Timer

September 2013

It’s rude to stare, but worth it.

Carmiel Banasky: Witch

August 2013

She said this was for my own good—if I was kept in the dark, I would never be afraid of it.

Ethel Rohan: Goodnight Nobody

July 2013

He leaned back into his driver’s seat, closed his eyes, and waited to feel something for the dead man.

Nathalie Handal: Last Night in San Pedro de Macorís

June 2013

Some people like ideas, others like motion, some like one woman, others roam.

Reginald Dwayne Betts: Travellin’ Man

June 2013

His father taught him to crave brown liquor.

Earl Lovelace: A Story in Which I Look Good

May 2013

Flash Fiction: If he feels pushed, he will turn into a bull, a storm.

Vaddey Ratner: The Cripple’s Last Dance

April 2013

Flash Fiction: Dossier No. X recovered from Interrogation Cell B of Sala-XX

Ru Freeman: Siege

April 2013

Flash Fiction: The gun empties. He returns.

Randa Jarrar: A Sailor

April 2013

Flash Fiction: Her husband wants to know what she had in common with the Turkish sailor.

Guernica/PEN Flash Series

April 2013

A partnership with PEN American Center

Stories by Students: This Is How the World Ends

December 2012

Flash Fiction: But I have had the feeling for awhile that the end of the world isn’t necessarily a large tidal wave that will wipe out the entirety of the United States, or a huge volcanic eruption, but that the end of the world could be any day for anyone.

Steve Chang: Eternity

December 2012

Flash Fiction: Here, we pass from time to time and nod. It’s so hard to hold on.

Christine Lee Zilka: Maps

December 2012

Flash Fiction: “Look for the swollen ones,” his mother said. “They said he drowned.”

Julia Fierro: Inventory

December 2012

Flash Fiction: And despite her outward nonchalance, after Wyatt was born, when all she had at stake multiplied exponentially, she had come to see that terrible things – the witches and boogey men and homicidal maniacs of her anxiety-damp childhood – could, and did, happen during the day.

Lauren K. Alleyne: The Way The Body Goes

December 2012

Flash Fiction: Sweet body, forgive me. I bore you so many petty hatreds—Ugly, I said. Dirty and weak. And yet, here is death, making such brief beauty of you.

Ten Micro Stories

May 2011 “Every man is limited to a certain number of words in his lifetime... Some of these words might also be words that you whisper in a foreign language that you don’t even know, in a dream, for example”: ten micro-fiction pieces.

Loose Morals

February 2011

Did you know that more people jack off than pick their nose while driving?


December 2010 A special issue: flash fiction from four favorite writers.


December 2010 A special issue: flash fiction from four favorite writers.

I Do Love God

December 2010 A special issue: flash fiction from four favorite writers.

As Formless As My Fear

December 2010 A special issue: flash fiction from four favorite writers.


By Chad Simpson
September 2007

“Just lie there,” he would say. “Pretend your hands are tied to the bed frame. Pretend you can’t move them.”