Tag: foreign affairs

Richard Falk: On (Not) Loving Henry Kissinger

June 2016

The 2016 election cycle, and the long shadow of the most scandalous foreign policy figure of the 20th century.

David Vine: The Italian Job

October 2013

How the Italian peninsula became a major center of U.S. military power.

Dafna Lizer, Michael Grabell, Jeff Larson: Flight Records Say Russia Sent Syria Tons of Cash

November 2012

he records of overflight requests show more than 200 tons of "bank notes" from Moscow to Damascus.

Alfred W. McCoy: Beyond Bayonets and Battleships

November 2012

Technology is reshaping the face of U.S. military power, but is it for the best?

Richard Falk: Persisting Syrian Dilemmas

October 2012

Hope, wisdom, law, ethics, and spirituality in relation to killing and dying in Syria.

Tom Engelhardt: Monopolizing War?

September 2012

War has become a sort of American monopoly--but the American people don't seem to know, or care.

Richard Falk: Ten Years of AKP Leadership in Turkey

September 2012

There are heartening signs of improved relations between the civil and military arms of Turkey's government, but much work remains.

Richard Falk: For What?

July 2012

Richard Falk considers how he came to find himself so drawn to the Palestinian cause.

David Vine: The Lily-Pad Strategy

July 2012

The Pentagon's system of overseas bases is evolving, and a new model for warfare is evolving with it.

Jamal Mahjoub: The Half-Life of a Revolution

May 2012

Egypt's presidential election is a tremendous opportunity for the Egyptian people, but does not come without risks.

Belén Fernández: Honduras’ Illegitimate President and His Cheering Squad

May 2012

Honduran President Pepe Lobo received an International Leadership Award last week from the U.S. Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute. But why?

Staff Pick: Jordan Hirsch

June 2009 As the crisis in Iran has unfolded, one book has received numerous mentions across the blogosphere: Amir Taheri’s The Persian Night: Iran under the Khomeinist Revolution.