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William J. Astore: We Are The Empire

July 2016

Of US Military Interventions, Alien Disaster Movies, and Star Wars

Peter Van Buren: Back to the Future

April 2016

Five Questions That Weren't Asked During the 2012 Presidential Debates and Are Unlikely to Be Asked in 2016.

P.J. Podesta: Keeping the Devil at Bay

March 2016

Why the Left should be asking for more

Tom Engelhardt: Three Exceptional Facts About America

September 2015

It’s safe to be paranoid in the US.

Richard Falk: The Hillary Dilemma

July 2015

Between pragmatism and conscience.

Dilip Hiro: Afghanistan’s China Card

April 2015

The US is losing the great game in Afghanistan.

Andrew Bacevich: Save Us From Washington’s Visionaries

January 2015

What happened when muddling was the best Washington had on offer.

Tom Engelhardt: The War Party Ascendant

December 2014

Thirteen years after 9/11, the War Party is on the rise.

Nick Turse: The Outpost That Doesn’t Exist in the Country You Can’t Locate

November 2014

A base camp, an authoritarian regime, and the future of U.S. blowback in Africa.

David Vine: The Bases of War in the Middle East

November 2014

From Carter to the Islamic State, 35 years of building bases and sowing disaster in the Middle East

Michael Klare: Obama’s New Oil Wars

October 2014

Washington wields the oil weapon.

Avi Asher-Schapiro: Obama’s Elephant Gun

September 2014

Is the US attacking ISIS to avoid looking the fool?

Lou Dubose: Neocons Wrong Again

August 2014

For Iraq War architects like William Kristol, the answer is always "war without an end."

Tom Engelhardt: Who Won Iraq?

June 2014

Lost dreams, lost armies, jihadi states, and the arc of instability.

Jeff Gerth: All the Things Hillary Clinton’s Book Doesn’t Say About Iraq

June 2014

In Hard Choices the former secretary of state ignores or glosses over key aspects of her record on Iraq.

Richard Falk: Why The Peace Talks Collapsed and Should Not Be Resumed

May 2014

The United States' double role in Israel-Palestinian negotiations.

Richard Falk: Debating Syria and Ukraine

March 2014

Over-reliance on ideology could prevent addressing human tragedies in Syria and Ukraine.

Nick Turse: Misremembering America’s Wars, 2003-2053

February 2014

After enough time, who still actually cares?

Tom Engelhardt: The American Way of Manners

December 2013

Move over, Dear Abby. Colonel Manners answers your questions on the etiquette of war, nuclear threats, and civilian surveillance.

Bob Dreyfuss: A Field Guide to Losing Friends, Influencing No One, and Alienating the Middle East

November 2013

Don’t think for a second that Washington’s ineffectiveness stops with the ongoing Syrian fiasco.

Peter Van Buren: Ramblin’ Man

November 2013

John Kerry is a figure of his times (and that's not a good thing).

Andrew Bacevich: Isolationism, Always and Everywhere

October 2013

A long history of isolationism at The New York Times.

Andrew J. Bacevich: The Hill to the Rescue on Syria?

September 2013

Congress has an opportunity to debate and reconsider decades of foreign policy, but don't get your hopes up about it.

Nick Turse: The Pivot to Africa

September 2013

On the startling size, scope, and growth of U.S. military operations on the African continent.

Richard Falk: Geopolitical Winds Blow in China’s Direction

July 2013

With intervention out of favor, American foreign policy is returning to “the great game” of great power politics.

Ben Rawlence: A Signal of Hope for Congo

March 2013

There’s a framework for peace in Congo, and if Rwanda will stop interfering, it just might work.

Peter Van Buren: Mission Unaccomplished

March 2013

Why the invasion of Iraq was the single worst foreign policy decision in American history.

Noam Chomsky: The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful

February 2013

Washington’s dilemma on a 'lost' planet.

Michael Klare: Powder Keg in the Pacific

January 2013

Will China-Japan-U.S. tensions in the Pacific ignite a conflict and sink the global economy?

William J. Astore: Sucking Up to Military Brass

November 2012

Generals who run amuck, politicians who could care less, an “embedded” media...and us.

Jeremiah Goulka: The Dogs of War Are Barking

November 2012

Would a President Mitt Romney be primed for military action in Iran?

Peter Van Buren: Don’t Ask and Don’t Tell

October 2012

During the next two presidential debates, some important foreign policy questions won't be asked.

Mattea Kramer: Tough Talk for America

October 2012

A guide to the presidential debates you won't be hearing.

Tom Engelhardt: The Military Solution

July 2012

A process of militarization is working its way through all facets of American government, and it's not likely to stop any time soon.

Laura Seay: Old Ideas for the New Africa

June 2012

Obama's "new" Africa policy prioritizes security over democracy. But the continent is changing rapidly, and U.S. policy needs to adapt--here's why.

Michael T. Klare: Is Barack Obama Morphing Into Dick Cheney?

June 2012

President Obama's approach to energy policy is surprisingly close Dick Cheney's. What this tells us about America's new nationalism.

Dilip Hiro: Taking Uncle Sam for a Ride

April 2012

Dilip Hiro describes how the Pakistani government has outmaneuvered Washington to the tune of several billion dollars.

Juan Cole: Why Washington’s Iran Policy Could Lead to Global Disaster

April 2012

The U.S. is pursuing serious multilateral sanctions against Iran, and this isn't the first time.

Live Webcast: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Speaks at Asia Society

February 2011
 Tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. EST, Hillary Clinton will deliver the inaugural Richard C. Holbrooke Address on U.S. relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan at the Asia Society, honoring the former Asia Society Chairman who was President Obama’s envoy to the Af/Pak region.

Chomsky Half Full

November 2009

The controversial critic of U.S. foreign policy discusses his forthcoming book, the hypocrisy of neoliberalism, where he feels hopeful about democracy despite U.S. terrorism, and his friendship—okay, passing acquaintance—with Hugo Chavez and other “pink tide” presidents.