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December 2015

He led her away, down one tunnel, then another. He took her through a passage where the bones were piled so high they had to wriggle over them on their bellies.

Carol Spindel: A Line Through the Heart of Paris, the French Prime Meridian

November 2015

Part II: The Scientist Who Kept Pushing, a continuation of A Line Through the Heart of Paris, the original Prime Meridian.

The Language of Movement

November 2015

The artist on multi-channel video work, the communicative potential of sound, and contemporizing performance traditions.

Maggy Donaldson: A Far Cry from Van Gogh

October 2015

Seasonal agricultural workers in France face more challenges than ever before.

Marin Karmitz: A Life of Cinema Activism

June 2014

Sarah Françoise talks with the filmmaker, on the occasion of his MOMA retrospective, about political fiction, debating Godard, and fighting battles through the cinema.


July 2013

The man takes a piece of paper, he writes: S. Thala. S. Thala. S. Thala.

Jacqueline Feldman: Vive La Miroiterie

March 2013

A long-lived artists’ squat in Paris’s Twentieth Arrondissement on the eve of eviction.

Nafeesa Syeed: Salvaged History

December 2012

An outsider works to restore an abandoned chateau in historic Burgundy.

Mallika Kaur: France of Institutionalized Discrimination, “J’accuse!”

April 2012

France has institutionalized discrimination against Muslims, Sikhs, and Jews—but that hasn't stopped India, home to large populations of Muslims and Sikhs, from brokering an international arms deals with the country.


By Aimé Césaire translated from the French by A. James Arnold and Clayton Eshleman
April 2010

Too bad for you men who do not see who do not see anything