Tag: gay marriage

Elizabeth Adams: Romantic Dissonance

July 2015

Contradictions in the language of love and law.

Sarah Viren: A Homoparental Family

July 2015

Pausing to count all the ways ‘homo’ can be a prefix.

John Stoehr: Giving the “Gays, Guns, and God” Bloc Reason to Stay Home in 2016

April 2015

What happens when the Republican establishment isn't against gay marriage anymore?

Anna Vodicka: There’s a Train a’Comin’

March 2013

As the Supreme Court prepares to conference on same-sex marriage, a phonebanker reflects on hip-hop lyrics, missionary work, and what a conversation has to do to change a mind.

Robert Reich: The Morality Brigade

March 2013

The right regulates the bedroom before the banks.

Casey Michel: Polling the New Normal

February 2013

For decades, straight white voters have over-stated their willingness to vote for black candidates and other “Others.” How the marriage equality debate and some statisticians may have vanquished the Bradley Effect.

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy: Will the Supreme Court Get Back That Loving Feeling?

January 2013

Will DOMA and Prop 8 go the way of Virginia’s anti-miscegenation law? A look at the face of marriage equality in 1967 and today.

David Morris: What Will Happen to Equal Protection Under the Law?

October 2012

The Supreme Court is poised to decide major issues like voting rights and marriage equality.

David Morris: The Times They’re a Changing. Or Are They?

September 2012

This autumn, four states will have the chance to become the first to defeat a same-sex marriage ban.

Ed Winstead: Empty and Blue and Serene

June 2012

Even supporters of North Carolina's gay-marriage ban know it won't last 20 years. Ed Winstead reflects on the South, the past, and when legislation plans its own obsolescence.

Abortion debate on ‘Daily Show’ (video)

June 2009 Republican political commentator Mike Huckabee returns to The Daily Show to debate abortion.