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Rahat Kurd: Out of It: An Exchange with Palestinian-British Writer Selma Dabbagh

October 2015

Selma Dabbagh talks about the personal and political in her debut novel, Out of It.

Max Blumenthal: The Fire Next Time

July 2015

Before homes are even rebuilt in the ruins of the Gaza Strip, another war looms.

Michael Schwarz: Israel, Gaza, and Energy Wars in the Middle East

February 2015

How Gazan natural gas became the epicenter of an international power struggle

Richard Falk: After ‘Protective Edge’

September 2014

What is the future for Palestine and Israel?

Stephen Darcy Collins: The Sand at Sachsenhausen

September 2014

Brutality must be compartmentalized in respect for its victims.

Once Returned

August 2014

I admit my decision to move my family to Gaza is kind of strange.

Sandy Tolan: Blown Chances in Gaza

August 2014

For the last eight years, Israel and the U.S. have chosen war, with devastating consequences for the families of Gaza.

Atef Abu Saif: We’re OK in Gaza

August 2014

Dispatch from Gaza: What is there to do but push back with a bit of stubborn strength, scratch at the thing with your bare fingernails, while your veins still have blood in them?

Mona Abu Sharekh: Without Words

August 2014

Dispatch from Gaza: A diary entry describes one hour of a sleepless night during the fighting.

Richard Falk: Poetry and War

August 2014

What is the poetic response to war?

Atef Abu Saif: The Children Have Barely Slept

July 2014

Dispatch from Gaza: Day-to-day life continues even in a war zone, but sleep does not.

Richard Falk: No Exit from Gaza

July 2014

The international community's failure to protect innocent Gazans is appalling.

Richard Falk: Invisible Horizons of a Just Palestine/Israel Future

November 2013

The burden of history lies heavy on the United Nations.

Richard Falk: An Early Assessment of the Gaza Ceasefire

November 2012

The recent Gaza ceasefire may be a turning point in the long Israeli-Palestinian struggle.

Oded Na’aman: It’s Mostly Punishment

November 2012

Testimonies by veterans of the Israeli Defense Forces from Gaza and elsewhere.

Life Under Lockdown

August 2012

Residents of the Gaza Strip are restricted in their movements, in what they can bring into and send out of their land, even how far off their shores they can fish. Words, though, know no borders.

Richard Falk: On Human Identity

July 2012

It's time to focus on the things that unite us in the common struggle for a brighter future.


November 2011 Israeli journalist Amira Hass on the next Palestinian uprising and her attempts to cut through propaganda to get at the truths of the lives next door.

It Wasn’t a War

August 2010 The Israel critic and Holocaust heir on the “Gaza massacre,” the Goldstone Report, the public turn against Israeli policy, and the difference between “of” and “in.”