Tag: genocide

Joy Shan: To Give Memory a Place

July 2016

Pieter Hugo's latest portrait series examines the quiet afterlives of apartheid and genocide.

Will McGrath: The Noose in Hentiesbaai

December 2015

Apartheid, Germans, and genocide in Namibia

Children of War

December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The author and activist on growing up under siege in Sarajevo and chronicling the childhood memories of other survivors.

Manash Bhattacharjee: And Quiet Flows the Kopili

September 2015

Violence and citizenship in Assam, as experienced by its forgotten

Richard Falk: The Semantics of Struggle

May 2015

Words used against the grain.

Richard Falk: Armenia’s Genocide

April 2015

One-hundred years of grief and controversy.

Violently Wrought

November 2014

The author of A Brief History of Seven Killings on Bob Marley, writing terror explicitly, and why sloppiness serves good storytelling.

Official Histories

March 2014

Veterans of Guatemala’s long civil war recover the secret archive of the National Police, pulling together the missing parts of the past.

Enduring Exile

October 2013

A family’s journey from Armenia to Syria and back again.

Richard Falk: The Westgate Mall Massacre & the Rage of Fanaticism

September 2013

How does truth inform genocide, and vice versa?

Caroline Cooper: The Act of Seeing The Act of Killing

June 2013

A new documentary on Indonesia’s 1965-66 anti-communist genocide is taking the international festival circuit by storm. But in the country that most needs to see it, the film is underground, its crew largely anonymous.

Life After Karadzic

August 2012

A Bosnian genocide survivor and a human rights journalist confront terror, loss, and what it takes to heal.

Sudanese President Charged With Genocide: Guernica Offers Two Views on Darfur

July 2010 Last week, the International Criminal Court charged Sudan's president with genocide. Two interviews previously published in Guernica offer vastly opposing views of the conflict in Darfur.

Nazi Sheikhs

May 2010

The polemicist discusses Tariq Ramadan’s love of extremist sheikhs, Islamism’s ties to Hitler, and the intellectual confusion of liberal journalists.

The Genocide Myth

May 2009 In his latest book, Mamdani attacks the Save Darfur Coalition as ahistorical and dishonest, and argues that the conflict in Darfur is more about land, power, and the environment than it is directly about race.

Farmers and Chickens

March 2009 The ICC’s lead prosecutor on the Court’s first arrest warrant for a sitting head of state, why his Court is nobody’s instrument but the law’s, and how he got his mother to see the light.

Samantha Power: Witness to Genocide

May 2005 "The only long-term way that the terrorist threat will be neutralized is to improve human dignity, and shore up failed states like Afghanistan, like Darfur, so that they don’t become a breeding ground for more people hostile to the United States."