Tag: Gentrification

Beautiful Objects, Blighted Spaces

June 2016

The Future of Cities: The Chicago-based urban design team on rebuilding neighborhoods, gentrification, and the “magic” of Theaster Gates.

Built for Humans

April 2015

The sociologist on the role of the artist in gentrification, challenges to affordable housing, and the commodification of New York City’s loft lifestyle.

DW Gibson: Don’t Call This the East Village

March 2015

A squatter’s history of gentrification.

Forts and Fugitives

March 2014

On the artistic transformation of a Nashville neighborhood.

Jay Walljasper: Are Bike Lanes a White Thing?

October 2013

The future of bike lanes in African-American neighborhoods.

Rebecca Solnit: Welcome to the (Don’t Be) Evil Empire

June 2013

How Silicon Valley is running the world, and destroying San Francisco.

Nick Shapiro: Dreamscapes of Dispossession

February 2013

What does the Southern Wild say about the tame north and the new New Orleans?

Rebel Cities

October 2012

Occupy Wall Street staged a rebellion against corporate corruption and economic inequality in Manhattan’s parks and streets, but the battle for the city began with nineteenth century electrification of Broadway.

Jay Walljasper: The Surprise Behind Detroit’s Emerging Comeback

October 2012

Young people are making a difference in the cities they call home.

Natasha Lewis: The Grand Project of the Olympics

July 2012

What the top-down planning of the games will bring to East London: dispersal zones, rooftop missiles, and a giant shopping mall.

Roslyn Bernstein: Spying on Reality

May 2012

Larry Abramson reflects on Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the upcoming 45th anniversary of the Six-Day War.

Okupa México

February 2012 Are Mexico City’s violent wars over gentrification a window onto our collective future?