Tag: Glenna Gordon

Two Rivers

October 2013

The photographer’s new book defies borders and conventions in central Asia.


September 2013

Performance as Play: Children Pursuing Their Calling.

Glenna Gordon: LagosPhoto 2012

November 2012

A month-long photography festival aims to capture the spirit of one of Africa’s biggest and busiest cities.

Hipstamatic Revolution

September 2012

Avoiding the simplistic narratives of Afro-pessimism and Afro-optimism, photographer Peter diCampo uses photo-apps to represent everyday Africa.

Glenna Gordon: Andrea Stultiens’s Images of Emptiness

July 2012

Photos of empty performance spaces in Lagos capture the spirit of Fela Kuti's famous nightclub and strip back the chaos of one of the world's busiest cities.

Candace Feit: Order in the Loud and Dirty

March 2012

Candace Feit on her work exploring loneliness and solitude among fishermen in Tamil Nadu, on India’s south coast.

Northern Uganda, Visible

March 2012

Kony 2012 is the starting point—but not the ending point—for this collection of images

Stanley Greene: Nigerians Documenting Nigerians

March 2012

The famous documentary photographer on the importance of Nigerians archiving their own history.

Lagos Photo Festival

December 2011 A selection of work from the 2011 Lagos Photo Festival by forty photographers from around the world.

Glenna Gordon: Liberia’s Fraught Election

November 2011
 Photographer Glenna Gordon captures Liberia’s first independent presidential elections and the rough aftermath.

Glenna Gordon: “Two Wives: Nollywood”

September 2011
 A series of photographs inspired by Nigeria’s film industry that demonstrates the possibility for multiple narratives within the same space.

Off the Grid

June 2011

A photographer and former Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana observes the beauty of the dark and the politics of electricity. (With video.)

Glenna Gordon: “The Secret Lives of Gay Ugandans”

February 2011
  Last week David Kato, an openly gay activist in Uganda, was brutally murdered after a local paper published his name and photograph. Glenna Gordon speaks about the effects of Kato’s death within Uganda’s gay community.