Tag: Google

Seeing Cities

December 2015

Boundaries of Nations: The researchers on the politics of mapmaking, rethinking invisibility, and why dots are changing the way we look at cultural borders.

Norman Solomon: Assange and the Value of WikiLeaks

August 2015

Subverting the government's illusions.

Marissa Higgins: No Results Found

February 2015

I know where my mother is, and still I cannot find her.

Julia Angwin and Robert Faturechi: Stanford Takes Google’s Money, Plays by Its Rules

September 2014

Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society has long received funding from Google, but a filing shows the university recently pledged to only use the money for non-privacy research.

Land of Milk and Money

June 2014

Is Tech 2.0 boon or bust for quality of life in the Bay Area? A tourist investigates.

Playing Favorites

February 2014

If a company were to commit to decline all government censorship surveillance requests, it would be able to do business precisely nowhere.

Rebecca Solnit: Welcome to the (Don’t Be) Evil Empire

June 2013

How Silicon Valley is running the world, and destroying San Francisco.

Taxcast: “Britzerland,” Google and Apple in Court, and How Secrecy Kills

May 2013

Google and Apple are forced to defend their tax affairs in public, the Lord of War makes an appearance, and more.

David Morris: For Good Customer Service Go to Government, Not Corporations

August 2012

Received wisdom aside, good customer service is easier to come by at government agencies than many private businesses.

Announcing $22.5 Million Fine, FTC Says It Investigated Google’s Internet Tracking Early On

August 2012

Senior FTC official said it was looking into the Google privacy issue before any articles were published about the case.

Leah Carroll: A Journey to the Center of the Internet

May 2012

A new book reveals the hidden physical infrastructure of the internet.