Tag: Guantanamo

Karen J. Greenberg: Still in the Bush Embrace

April 2016

What really stands in the way of closing Guantánamo.

Peter Van Buren: Back to the Future

April 2016

Five Questions That Weren't Asked During the 2012 Presidential Debates and Are Unlikely to Be Asked in 2016.

Up in Arms

February 2016

The artist and journalist on reporting from Guantánamo Bay and Syria, glamor as a subversive power, and neutrality and boredom as weapons of the state.

Chloe Wyma: To Aestheticize Politics

October 2015

The nebulous function of political art

Writing in the Gray Areas

February 2014

Are some acts so revolting that the people who commit them do not deserve a hearing?

Cora Currier: Gitmo Soldiers Get 9/11 Lessons

August 2013

The U.S. military's lessons in recent history.

Victoria Brittain: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

June 2013

How to pre-convict and pre-punish an American Muslim.

Cora Currier: Hunger Strikes and Indefinite Detention

April 2013

A rundown on what’s going on at Gitmo.

Cora Currier: Gitmo Defense Lawyers Say Somebody Has Been Accessing Their Emails

April 2013

Concerns about the breaches are causing delays to long-awaited hearings.

Victoria Brittain: Shadow Lives

March 2013

England's war on terror has become a war on women and children.

Due Process, Imminent Threat

December 2012

From electronic surveillance to drone strikes to racial disparities in the criminal justice system, the writer, lawyer, and advocate anticipates the most pressing issues of the next four years.