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Work for Guernica

April 2013

We're currently hiring interns for our editorial and publishing departments.

Robert Reich: The Stealth Sequester

April 2013

Americans are starting to feel the pain. They just don’t know it yet.

Robert Reich: Coming Tuesday (Hopefully)—The State of the Union’s Economy

February 2013

Obama should focus on the predominant concerns of most Americans—joblessness, economic insecurity, and the fall of real wages.

Robert Reich: The Jobs Report, and Why the Recovery Has Stalled

February 2013

Without more customers—public or private—employers can’t hire.

Robert Reich: Why Consumers are Bummed Out

January 2013

Profits are high, wages are low, and the imbalance can’t last.

Robert Reich: Today’s Job Numbers Show Why Job-Creation Must Take Precedence Over Deficit Reduction

December 2012

Yes, unemployment is down, but don't believe all the hype coming out of Wall Street.

Robert Reich: The Politics of the Jobs Report

October 2012

Media headlines are crowing over the drop in the unemployment rate—but we need to look closer.

Mattea Kramer: Tough Talk for America

October 2012

A guide to the presidential debates you won't be hearing.

Robert Reich: Four Reasons Romney Might Still Win

September 2012

The election's not over yet, and rumors of Romney's demise are premature.

Robert Reich: The Biggest Economic Challenge of Obama’s Second Term

September 2012

The debate on the campaign trail has focused on Obama's past economic policies, but the real question is what will be done after January.

Robert Reich: The Jobs Report and the Election

September 2012

Obama's speech was missing the one thing it needed most: an economic plan.

Robert Reich: The Problem isn’t Outsourcing

July 2012

Outsourcing isn't our problem, it's that the needs of American businesses are disconnected from the needs of Americans.

Work for Guernica

December 2011
 Guernica seeks an Art Editor and Art Assistant.