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A World Without Guernica?

April 2013

Guernica has big plans for the rest of 2013 and beyond, and your support will be crucial as we invest in the next writers and artists who will challenge, inspire, and provoke you.

Guernica Nominated For 2013 Utne Media Award

March 2013

We’re in good company in the category of Social/Cultural Coverage, which includes The Morning News, McSweeney’s, and Rethinking Schools.

Work for Guernica

February 2012
 Guernica seeks a Web Master, an Assistant Editor, and an Editorial Producer.

Writers Bloc Event

January 2012
 Event at the Free Word Lecture Theatre featured Kamila Shamsie, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and our own Michael Archer.

Guernica on Longform’s Best of the Year List

December 2011
 Meghan O’Gieblyn’s “Sniffing Glue,” chosen as one of the top 10 essays of the year.

Postcards from Karachi

October 2011 Poet and war correspondent Eliza Griswold reports from Pakistan on the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Guernica Contributor Tomas Tranströmer Wins Nobel Prize in Literature

October 2011
 Congrats to the Swedish poet and Guernica contributor.

Re-Imagining Palestine in a Changing Arab Region: A Conversation Between Norman Finkelstein and Raja Shehadeh

April 2011
 Guernica and OR Books present a conversation between political scientist Norman Finkelstein and Palestinian writer and lawyer Raja Shehadeh at Alwan for the Arts, 8 p.m., April 19th.

Laura McCullough: Reading Recommendations from a Guernica Poet

April 2011
 The author of “Molecularity” warns us that “a hungry accident is about to happen” and suggests a few things to read in the meantime.

Guernica Contributor John Patrick Leary on WDET About “Detroitism”

February 2011
 “A lot of the interest comes from a sense that the city of Detroit isn’t just an exception to the rule of the United States…that Detroit is, in some sense, the future of American cities…”

Guernica and the DISQUIET: International Literary Program Award

January 2011
 Guernica is partnering with Dzanc Books to sponsor the first annual DISQUIET: International Literary Program Award. The winner of the award will be published in Guernica, will receive airfare, accommodations, and tuition for the program of writing workshops in Lisbon.

You’re Invited: E.C. Osondu’s Book Party on November 2

November 2010
 This election night, please join Guernica in celebrating the launch of fiction writer E.C. Osondu’s debut collection, Voice of America.

Guernica Celebrates 6!

October 2010
 Join Guernica for an evening filled with food, drinks, music, readings, auctions, celebrities, honorees, and more fun than should be allowed at a benefit.

The Obama Syndrome: What Has Really Changed?

September 2010
 The Asia Society presents a live interview with Tariq Ali and Guernica editor Joel Whitney on Friday, September 17, on Obama's foreign policy and the legacy of Bush.

News for Guernica Contributing Editor Michael Shankman

July 2010 Contributing Art Editor at Guernica, was featured in yesterday’s San Francisco Examiner. Shankman reflects on his art, the recession, and the intractable differences between San Francisco and New York.


By Teresa Milbrodt
July 2010
Having four ears could be a sign of the Apocalypse. Or just good for selling a t-shirt.

Guernica at Park-Lit 2010

July 2010 Wednesday, July 21, 6:30 P.M. Guernica will be participating in the Park-Lit reading series at Union Square Park, and will feature non-fiction by Joshua Kors, poetry by Terese Svoboda, and fiction by Alexander Chee.

Meakin Armstrong: On Getting Rejected by Guernica

July 2010

“Call me the Great Rejector. But don't take the rejection personally.”

The Diversity Test

April 2010

Why were there only 8 women on the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels of the Twentieth Century? Why is only 3% of the literature Americans read in translation?

At the Lake

February 2010 The paintings are glimpses of a scene or fragments of a narrative. Similar to a memory, they are fictional constructions of significant moments.

Wise Latina

October 2009

The genre- and language-blending Mexican-American singer discusses “Indian-ness,” making music in the land of cultural chameleons, and says she may never be hip in the U.S. But her songs might be the most eloquent response yet to the likes of Joe “You Lie” Wilson.


October 2009 15 Photographs

We Need to Win

April 2009 The environmental child prodigy on how the economy can benefit from green initiatives, why Canada and the U.S. must help lead the way, and the role for tribal peoples in conservation.

Aiding Is Abetting

April 2009 International author and economist on ending western aid to Africa, what Bono and Geldof don't get, and the stifling of African independence and entrepreneurship.