Tag: gun control

Joseph Huff-Hannon: Morning in Machine Gun America

June 2016

Exploring American gun culture and the thin line between fact and fiction.

Lois Beckett: How Much Could Obama’s Gun Moves Affect Gun Violence?

January 2016

Nobody knows if simply explaining current law more clearly will save lives.

Amy Brill: To Be Communicated in Every Home

October 2015

A mother reflects on fears and stark statistics, following another school shooting.

Venkat Srinivasan: Meeting Evil with Force

October 2014

How did we get here? Where we feel guns protect more lives than they destroy?

Lois Beckett: Fact-Checking Feinstein

September 2014

The senator says 'the evidence is clear: the ban worked.'

Lois Beckett: Gun Control Groups Rethink Assault Weapons Ban

September 2014

A decade after the ban expired, gun control groups say that focusing on other policies will save more American lives.

Lois Beckett: Democrats Push to Restart CDC Funding for Gun Violence Research

May 2014

Would universal background checks—the most popular and prominent gun control policy proposal—actually reduce gun violence?

Minhee Cho: Gun Violence in America

May 2014

America v. gun control, ctd.

Lois Beckett: Why Don’t We Know How Many People Are Shot Each Year in America?

May 2014

Gun murders have decreased in recent years, but is it because of a drop shootings, or an improvement in the number of victims that E.R. doctors can save?

Lois Beckett: Now, You Can’t Ban Guns at the Public Pool

June 2013

The latest victory in a long-standing push to deny cities the power to regulate guns.

Lois Beckett: Kansas Gov. Insists it’s OK to Ignore Federal Gun Laws

May 2013

Governor Sam Brownback rejects Washington's argument that his state's gun laws are blatantly unconstitutional.

Lois Beckett: Nullification

May 2013

How states are making it a felony to enforce federal gun laws.

Re-imagining Dissent

March 2013

The Nation columnist and law professor on dissent, privatization, and the future of racial equity.

Mark Rosenberg: What Researchers Learned About Gun Violence Before Congress Killed Funding

February 2013

ProPublica interviews the CDC's Mark Rosenberg about the data on gun control.

Joaquin Sapien: How the NRA Undermined Congress’ Last Push for Gun Control

January 2013

For Obama's gun control proposals to succeed, Congress must learn the NRA's past tactics.

Suevon Lee: Five Federal Policies on Guns You’ve Never Heard Of

January 2013

It's not just states that have relaxed gun laws. Federal lawmakers have come up with a few of their own.

Joaquin Sapien: Mass Shootings Do Little to Change State Gun Laws

January 2013

A rundown of gun control in states affected by mass shootings.

Stephan Salisbury: Police Shootings Echo Nationwide

July 2012

The Aurora shooting gets the attention, but guns are going off everywhere.

Katie Ryder: Aurora

July 2012

Chance, survival, and what we wish could be true.

Jina Moore: Colorado, Gun Control and the Great American Malaise

July 2012

Can we afford to be this cynical?

Rob Spillman: Jury Duty

July 2012

A month on a Grand Jury reveals what happens when guns are cheap and easy to come by.