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Where There Is No Water and Nothing Grows

June 2016

The Future of Cities: If the reason Haiti suffers is just bad luck, some voodoo curse, then maybe we bear no responsibility, maybe we can confine it to some distant dimension.

Marvin George and Jouvay Ayiti: Playing Devil’s Advocate with Mas

October 2015

This Columbus Day, a Caribbean carnival arts collective invokes the deeper principles behind Carnival masquerades to create social change.

Todd Miller: Border Patrol International

November 2013

Entering an era where “homeland security” no longer stays in the homeland: it’s mobile, it’s rapid, and it's international.

The Art Of Not Belonging

September 2013

The multi-award winning writer on immigration reform, returning to Haiti in her new book, and why Wikipedia is still “micro-categorizing women writers.”

The Law of Progress

June 2013

My mother’s mother used to say that it took four generations to get the black out.

Emily Jacobi: Hacking for Haiti

February 2013

The co-founder of Digital Democracy on how activists can use technology to respond to problems—from natural disasters to violence against women.

Amy Wilentz: Voodoo and the Unfree

January 2013

Following the third anniversary of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, Alexia Nader speaks with Wilentz about her new book, and the culture and future of Haiti.

Haiti’s Gold Rush

August 2012

Riches beckon from beneath Haiti’s hills, and mining companies are hoping to lock in huge tax breaks to get at them.

The Harmonizer

December 2011 The Emmy Award–winning poet and crisis reporter on Haiti’s continuing struggles and Jamaica’s AIDS crisis, how Afro-Caribbean music has influenced the writing of V.S. Naipaul and Langston Hughes, and his new role as editor of Prairie Schooner.

Running the Lines for Fulgence

August 2011 The coroner told me at the morgue that the mudslide had crushed Fulgence quickly, and the density of the dislodged soil meant that there would not have been enough oxygen for him to suffer.

The Sexual Lives of Missionaries

July 2011

There were big ones and small ones and medium-sized ones, blonde and brunette, and even bald ones…

We Are All Going to Die

January 2011 One year after the earthquake that devastated her native Haiti, the novelist on rebuilding the island, art in a time of trouble, and inhabiting bodies.

Event: Haiti Benefit at The Living Room

December 2010
 December 16th is the Haiti Benefit at The Living Room. The lineup includes Matt Singer, Great Elk, Casey Shea, Ryan Hobbler and Wynn Walent. Proceeds will go to Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos International.

Guernica’s Top 5 on Natural Disasters

August 2010 Sweltering heat and blazing fires in Russia have contributed to devastating mudslides in Pakistan and China. Guernica counts down its top five reports of natural disasters.

The Burden of Aid

July 2009 Multimedia Slideshow