Tag: Haniya Rae

Paint and Die Happy

December 2013

The American painter on the terror of a blank canvas, finding inspiration in the streets of New York, and how motherhood has impacted her art.

A Re-Imagined Palestine

September 2013

Larissa Sansour explores the Palestinian condition by using science fiction in her films and photography.

Haniya Rae: Visualize Your Dissent

August 2013

The Pratt Manhattan Gallery showcases design that’s meant to disrupt.

Bird and Stone

June 2013

Conveying an Iraqi tragedy through form, motion, and sound.

Chat Travieso: A City for Reading

May 2013

Inside the movement to bring the world thousands of tiny, crowd-sourced, community libraries.

A Family Portrait

January 2013

Jacolby Satterwhite on rendering his mother's drawings into worlds of their own.

Anna Harrah: Once and Future Bling

December 2012

(re:)FORM Art founder Anna Harrah talks with us about collaboration, apocalypse, and self-fulfilling prophesies.

Haniya Rae: Inside the Box with Chris Ware

October 2012

The new graphic novel Building Stories plays with time, form, and the physicality of the book.

Haniya Rae: Three Wise Owls

July 2012

In the 40Owls Gallery's "Distinct Ethnic Magical Tales" exhibition, artists explore colonization, pop cultural iconography, and cultural ownership

Jessica Porter: A Curator’s Look at Katarzyna Majak’s Women of Power

June 2012

Haniya Rae interviews Jessica Porter on the process of curating artist Katarzyna Majak's new photography exhibition, 'Women of Power.'