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Who Keeps Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Flowing to For-Profit Colleges? These Guys

November 2015

Accreditation agencies are supposed to make sure that colleges are putting students in a position to succeed. That’s not happening at schools overseen by one accreditor in particular.

Alec MacGillis: Higher Ed Lobby Quietly Joins For-Profit Schools to Roll Back Tighter Rules

May 2015

Traditional colleges and universities have become unlikely allies of the beleaguered for-profit industry as each group tries to fend off the government’s push for more accountability.

David Morris: Politics Boil Beneath Surface of NCAA March Madness

March 2015

Why basketball fans booed the Kansas governor.

Robert Reich: Why College Isn’t (and Shouldn’t Have to be) for Everyone

March 2015

With inequality at record levels and almost all the economic gains going to the top, there’s more pressure than ever to get the golden ring.

Robert Reich: Less Money for Public Universities

October 2014

Why government spends more per pupil at elite private universities than at public ones.

Astra Taylor and Hannah Appel: Education With a Debt Sentence

September 2014

For-profit colleges have become American Dream crushers and factories of debt.

Robert Reich: The Gateway to the Middle Class

September 2014

A degree shouldn't be the only way.

Abbie Nehring: How Universities Fail Sexual Assault Victims

July 2014

A round up of cases and coverage that show the persistence of sexual violence at colleges.

Marian Wang: On ‘Country Club’ Campuses

November 2013

He brought sushi to campus dining halls and revamped the dorms. Now he's wondering whether he did the right thing.

Marian Wang: George Washington University Has for Years Claimed to be ‘Need-Blind.’ It’s Not.

October 2013

How aware are universities about being need-aware? How blind are they to being need-blind?

Marian Wang: Breaking Away

October 2013

Many are worried that as public universities gain freedom, they will end up sidelining broader goals such as access and affordability.

Marian Wang: The Admissions Arms Race

April 2013

Six ways colleges game their numbers.

Andrew Ross: The Debt Resistor’s Operations Manual

November 2012

Natasha Lewis speaks with Strike Debt member, professor, and author Andrew Ross.

Andy Kroll: The Death of the Golden Dream of Higher Education

October 2012

Back to $chool: College is the past, prison is the future.