Tag: Holocaust

Sophie Unterman: Of Course, Survivors Are Free

August 2016

A writer accompanies her grandmother on a journey through sites of Holocaust remembrance.

Richard Falk: General Golan’s Holocaust Remembrance Day Speech

May 2016

The Holocaust Remembrance Day Speech of Major General Yair Golan

Peter Orner: While Reading Imre Kertész, July, 2013

April 2016

A small tribute upon his death.

Will McGrath: The Noose in Hentiesbaai

December 2015

Apartheid, Germans, and genocide in Namibia

Stephen Engelberg: The Painting That Saved my Family from the Holocaust

November 2015

A group of German journalists track the painting that saved a family

Rob Spillman: No Anne Frank

July 2015

Readpolitik: With this sneaky, survival-focused narrator Aron, Jim Shepard elevates the ordinary and makes a necessary addition to the literature of the Holocaust.

Sandy Tolan: Blown Chances in Gaza

August 2014

For the last eight years, Israel and the U.S. have chosen war, with devastating consequences for the families of Gaza.

Jillian Steinhauer: Hannah Arendt’s Passionate Thinking

June 2013

Margarethe von Trotta’s biopic yields an insight that’s fresher than “the banality of evil,” and just as true.

Origin Stories

April 2013

The Guatemalan writer on his grandfather's escape from Auschwitz, translation as collaboration, and giving readers "the words they deserve.

Amis Unfiltered

February 2013

The provocateur on Obama’s second term and the role of bad behavior in fiction.

Erik Raschke: A Dutch Dissonance

March 2012

The Dutch love to chide America on its unethical domestic policy—so it’s time they looked at their own.

The Land of Oś

November 2011

The grandson of a Holocaust survivor visits the town that was home to Auschwitz.