Tag: Hong Kong

Lo Mei Wa: Letter to a Future Daughter on the Occasion of the “Fishball Revolution”

February 2016

When Hong Kong used to be home

Eduardo Galeano: God’s Masterpiece or the Devil’s Bad Joke?

July 2015

Barbarians and apes—from the Opium Wars to the origin of the species.

Bo Wang: Doric Columns in Chongqing

June 2015

Jacob Kiernan interviews the filmmaker on his upcoming project in Hong Kong, dislodged cultural identity, and the evolution of wedding photography in China.

In Hong Kong, the Last Days of Occupy

January 2015

As the powers that be dismantle what remains of Hong Kong's mass protest movement, thoughts on winners and losers and the city's future.

Erik Wennermark: The Laundry and Dust Are Higher Every Day

October 2014

Our latest dispatch from the pro-democracy Occupy movement in Hong Kong and the frustrating talks between students and government officials.

The Arc of Possibility

October 2014

The longtime Beijing correspondent on the roots of dissent in Hong Kong, China’s “Me” generation, and the precarious expansion of Chinese civil society.

Erik Wennermark: City of Protest

October 2014

In Hong Kong, participatory democracy fights the forces of inertia and autocracy.

Erik Wennermark: Will the Center Hold?

October 2014

As protests continue in Hong Kong, pro-Beijing forces threaten the movement for self-determination.

Erik Wennermark: Sorry for Inconveniencing You! Thank You for a Better Future!

October 2014

Dispatch from Hong Kong's Occupy Central.

Xu Xi 許素細: Pigeonholes and Portals and Third-Culture Peeps

June 2014

Why is the nation state at all significant for who you are as a writer?

Richard Falk: Istanbul, a Modest Proposal

November 2012

Could Istanbul be the future capital of the world?