Tag: human rights

Milton Läufer: Trivializing Tragedy

March 2016

An open letter to Argentine President Ing. Mauricio Macri and the Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

Laura Gottesdiener: Two Detroits, Separate and Unequal

November 2014

A journey across a city divided.

Ben Steele: Russia’s Violent Intolerance

October 2014

Lara Zarum talks to Steele, director of the documentary Hunted, about his experience following Russia’s brutal anti-gay vigilante groups.

Sarah Shourd: Torture Chambers of the Mind

September 2014

We think using harsh prison punishment makes us safer. It doesn’t.

Aviva Chomsky: America’s Continuing Border Crisis

August 2014

The real story behind the “invasion” of the children.

Prison Journal of a Child Bride

August 2014

At times I wonder whether they considered me a human being or a lamb to sacrifice for their own good.

Official Histories

March 2014

Veterans of Guatemala’s long civil war recover the secret archive of the National Police, pulling together the missing parts of the past.

Joaquin Sapien: Guarded Optimism

January 2014

Examining the factors that contribute to sexual victimization in American prisons.

The Rights Clash

July 2013

Mining in El Salvador exposes the contradiction between human rights and corporate rights under the international investment regime.

Cora Currier: Four Years Ago Obama Promised to Investigate Afghan Massacre

June 2013

Has anything happened since?

Crossing the Street in Jaipur

May 2013

The activist and author reflects on childhood memories and the traffic of India’s Pink City.

History of Omission

May 2013

The Pulitzer Prize winner on the intersection of human rights work and playwriting, telling stories that are "profoundly unheard," and why she thinks a lot of writing about Africa amounts to little more than "pornography."

Ann Jones: Men Who Kick Down Doors

March 2013

Tyrants at home and abroad.

David Jacobson: Dancing in the Streets of Timbuktu

February 2013

In Mali’s fight against extremists, women’s freedoms—not Islam—is the central issue.

Impunity in India

February 2013

Major Avtar Singh of the Indian Army’s counterinsurgency in Kashmir killed dozens. India refused to punish him. So did Canada and the U.S., where he killed his family and committed suicide.

Due Process, Imminent Threat

December 2012

From electronic surveillance to drone strikes to racial disparities in the criminal justice system, the writer, lawyer, and advocate anticipates the most pressing issues of the next four years.


June 2012

Banned in China and avoided by the American media, the Falun Gong movement turns twenty.

Trans-Formative Change

March 2011 America’s first openly transgender law professor on the power of zines, the sacrifice social movements require, and the limits of legal reform.

It Wasn’t a War

August 2010 The Israel critic and Holocaust heir on the “Gaza massacre,” the Goldstone Report, the public turn against Israeli policy, and the difference between “of” and “in.”

Ex-detainees allege US, Afghan abuse (video)

June 2009 According to the BBC, as the Obama administration takes action to shut down Guantanamo, a detention facility in Bagram (a US military base in Afghanistan) expands. Ex-detainees talk to the BBC about their time at Bagram.

The Fragile Scaffolding of Human Rights

January 2005 "Terrorists act as they do because they don't have great power at their easy disposal. The result is that they rely upon the ability to exploit the mistakes of others."