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Jake Robertson: We Have Full Power Relaxing

May 2016

On Paul Thomas Anderson’s Junun, or, the Madness of Love.

Kamini Dandapani: Untimely Melodies

April 2016

On Music: Introducing a new monthly series about music across cultures.

The Full Texture of a City

April 2016

India's premier graphic novelist on street hustlers and the perils of cosmopolitanism.

Karan Mahajan: On Small Bombings

March 2016

Ross Perlin Interviews Karan Mahajan


March 2016

Future of Language: WIFE!—who would not tolerate this complaint of his, who no longer indulged his talking, who could not even bear to look at him.

Erik Wennermark: Swami in a Hothouse Elevator

January 2016

Lessons of peace, unity, and selflessness collide with ethnic cleansing in Modi’s India.

Sisters and Spices

August 2015

The author on fiction as activism, feminism in Indian epics, and cooking to conjure a sense of home.

Eduardo Galeano: God’s Masterpiece or the Devil’s Bad Joke?

July 2015

Barbarians and apes—from the Opium Wars to the origin of the species.

The Rationalist

June 2015

Boundaries of Taste: Chased from his native India, Sanal Edamaruku contemplates the power of offense and accustoms himself to his new homeland.

Kavita Das: Jyoti’s Rainbow

June 2015

Protesting horrific human ugliness through art.

Murder in Uniform

June 2015

Kashmir’s most infamous “fake encounter” leaves five families desperate for justice.

Dilip Hiro: Afghanistan’s China Card

April 2015

The US is losing the great game in Afghanistan.

India’s Third Gender

March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: The activist on the ancient legacy and contemporary struggles of hijras.

Meara Sharma & Henry Peck: A Non-Place by the Sea

December 2014

When a storm destroyed Dhanushkodi, the government ordered it emptied. Fifty years later, we meet the people who stayed.

What We Are Now, You Shall Be

December 2014

Religion in America: The Hare Krishna monk on cultural stereotypes, teaching faith through food, and America’s obsession with yoga.

Of This Time

December 2014

Religion in America: The artist discusses Hinduism in the diaspora, religious imagery, and her new show, Eyes of Time.

Aditya Mani Jha: Revenge of the Offence Collectors

August 2014

An Indian politician retaliates against religious offenses by compiling his own, even more blasphemous, thoughts on religion.

Editors’ Picks: Rum and Longing

July 2014

Summer reads to savor.

Aditi Sriram: A Simile for Motherhood

June 2014

A mother's bangles as a proxy for her presence, for her love.

Mallika Kaur: Ten Thousand Pairs of Shoes

June 2014

Finally talking about June 1984---30 years later---will honor the dead and protect the living.

Dionne Bunsha: New Government, New India?

May 2014

On Monday, Narendra Modi will be sworn in as India’s new Prime Minister. Is he a savior for India’s economy or a threat to the country’s secular democracy?

The Torturable Class

February 2014

When it comes to Kashmir, India acts as a police state, holding even speech hostage. Why this obsession with narrative control?

Playing Favorites

February 2014

If a company were to commit to decline all government censorship surveillance requests, it would be able to do business precisely nowhere.

Mirza Waheed: An Elegy Sung by Apparitions

January 2014

On the Djinns of Kashmir.

Aditi Sriram: Watch

October 2013

Qawwali, the enchanting song of the Sufis, still possesses the devotees of the Nizamuddin Auliya shrine in Delhi.

Out of Bounds

August 2013

Censorship and freedom of speech in Sri Lanka, India, China, Burma, and England.

Stone Wars

August 2013

In the disputed territory of Kashmir, civilians wage a battle without modern weapons against “the idea of domination.”

Vipralambha (Union Through Separation)

July 2013

Two Dubai-based artists explore a history of political and social tension through border-crossing sounds.

Crossing the Street in Jaipur

May 2013

The activist and author reflects on childhood memories and the traffic of India’s Pink City.

Lewis Lapham: The Conquest of Nature

March 2013

And what we’ve lost.

Impunity in India

February 2013

Major Avtar Singh of the Indian Army’s counterinsurgency in Kashmir killed dozens. India refused to punish him. So did Canada and the U.S., where he killed his family and committed suicide.

Muhammad Idrees Ahmad: Archaeology of Revolutionary Knowledge

January 2013

Pankaj Mishra’s new book, From the Ruins of Empire: The intellectuals who remade Asia, has one eye on the history of the East and one eye on its future.

Ashwaq Masoodi: How I Learned to Write Obituaries

January 2013

Growing up in Kashmir, in proximity to death.

We Call This Progress

December 2012

From a speech at the Earth at Risk conference, Roy on the misuses of democracy and the revolutionary power of exclusion.

Amitav Ghosh: Products of Folly

November 2012

The award-winning author on why he loves to write fiction and talk politics, and how nationalism fuels climate change.

The Monkeyman of Delhi

October 2012

Aman Sethi consults a troubled storyteller about the terrifying urban legends proliferating among Delhi's displaced urban poor.

from The Story of My Assassins

September 2012

His first conscious memory, from the time he was three, was the feel of a rat snake slithering through his hands.

Women in Power and Politics

September 2012

Sonia Gandhi and Aung San Suu Kyi have overcome tragic and arduous pasts to emerge as leaders of India and Burma. What’s next for these two historical icons?

Reporting Poverty

September 2012

Following three years of research in an Indian slum, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist discusses what language can’t express, her view that nobody is representative, and the ethical dilemmas of writing about the poor.

William D. Hartung: Beyond Nuclear Denial

July 2012

Nuclear weapons don't get the attention that they once did, but they're still very much a part of our world.

Juan Cole: Why Washington’s Iran Policy Could Lead to Global Disaster

April 2012

The U.S. is pursuing serious multilateral sanctions against Iran, and this isn't the first time.

Ela Bittencourt: Biotechnology and Its Human Tragedies in India

April 2012

Director Micha X. Peled's Bitter Seeds is a compelling portrait of families and biotechnology in modern India.

Heaven on Earth

April 2012

On shari'a, genies and the quest for an ancestor


May 2011 The author Amitav Ghosh discusses the link between anthropology and writing, The New Yorker’s edit of his essay on the Iraq war, and John Updike’s worst book.

I Won’t Let You Go!

April 2011 It’s the oldest cry resounding from earth to heaven / The solemnest lament, “I won’t let you go!”

To Conquer Her Land

February 2011 The few women in the Indian army are battling not only against their country’s enemies but also against poverty, patriarchy, and loneliness.

The Un-Victim

February 2011 In the wake of sedition threats by the Indian government, the writer and activist describes the stupidest question she gets asked, the cuss-word that made her respect the power of language, and the limits of preaching nonviolence.

That Woman

October 2010

That woman who spreads her legs, / who is beaten, who cannot hold / her grief or her drink. / Don’t become that woman.