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I’ll Die and Be Right There

May 2015

He told them about the Internet, Steam, Apple, and Microsoft, which were the other names of Satan.

Leticia Miranda: Why Comcast Seems to Be Walking Away

April 2015

A Comcast Time Warner Cable behemoth could have spelled trouble for consumers and online innovators

Julie Angwin: The World’s Email Encryption Software Relies on One Guy, Who is Going Broke

February 2015

Werner Koch’s code powers the email encryption programs around the world.

Jay Walljasper: Squashing Municipal Broadband

July 2014

Why are state legislatures and congressional Republicans objecting to municipal broadband networks?

David Morris: How To Save Equal Access on the Internet

May 2014

Publicly owned networks in cities across the US preserve net neutrality and provide quality service.

ProPublica: Weibo IPO Reveals a Company Struggling With Censorship

April 2014

Weibo, “China’s Twitter,” started offering shares on NASDAQ yesterday. Its regulatory disclosures reveal a company’s balancing act between censoring too much and too little.

Julia Angwin: U.S. Government Pays to Undermine Internet Security, Not to Fix It

April 2014

Don't be a bleedingheart about Heartbleed.

Astra Taylor: Open Systems and Glass Ceilings

April 2014

The disappearing woman and life on the internet.

Catherine Crump and Matthew Harwood: Invasion of the Data Snatchers

March 2014

How big data and the internet of things means the surveillance of everything.

Melissa Gira Grant: The Peephole

March 2014

Sex, work, and the eye of the beholder.

Playing Favorites

February 2014

If a company were to commit to decline all government censorship surveillance requests, it would be able to do business precisely nowhere.

Tom Engelhardt: The Golden Age of Journalism?

January 2014

What if it's not a decline in (print) journalism, but a rebirth of new (new) journalism?

Hard Wired

March 2013

On the evolution of Internet bullying, resilience of underdogs, and the promise of today’s teens.

Avi Kramer: The Fine Print

November 2012

To get Internet access in my apartment I had to give up my legal rights.
You probably did too.

Michelle Koufopoulos: Morally Bankrupt Fascist Babykiller

September 2012

Can we balance free speech and privacy with basic decency in online communities?

Announcing $22.5 Million Fine, FTC Says It Investigated Google’s Internet Tracking Early On

August 2012

Senior FTC official said it was looking into the Google privacy issue before any articles were published about the case.

Leah Carroll: A Journey to the Center of the Internet

May 2012

A new book reveals the hidden physical infrastructure of the internet.