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The Metamorphoses of Diane Arbus

September 2016

The Met Breuer unveils a trove of the photographer’s early work.

Taking a Long View

September 2016

The author on accessibility, black desire, and holding space for complex histories.

Solange Farkas: Video Art Finds a Home in Brasil

August 2016

The Festival Videobrasil founder discusses Brazil’s political history with video art and her vision for the nonprofit’s pioneering new art space.

Adam Morris: Quiet Creature on the Corner

June 2016

An Interview with João Gilberto Noll’s Translator, Adam Morris

Sigal Samuel: The Mystics of Mile End

March 2016

Claire Schwartz interviews Sigal Samuel about Kabbalah, queer Jews, and religion as literature.

Tim Youd: Performance Art, One Key at a Time

March 2016

Heather L. Hughes interviews artist Tim Youd on the devotional practice of retyping great literature.

Writing In The Bellies Of Beasts: An Interview with Lincoln Michel

October 2015

The writer and editor speaks about beastliness in fiction, founding a literary journal, and avoiding the lure of “faux-weirdness” in his work.

Steve Toltz: Writers and Bad People

September 2015

Julia Pierpont sits down with Australian novelist Steve Toltz to discuss his new novel, writing about writers, paralysis, and why you should attend your high school reunion.

Players for Democracy

July 2015

The author and historian on the legacy of slavery, queer love, and the coded language of desire in the nineteenth century.

Bo Wang: Doric Columns in Chongqing

June 2015

Jacob Kiernan interviews the filmmaker on his upcoming project in Hong Kong, dislodged cultural identity, and the evolution of wedding photography in China.

Gregory Pardlo: The Poem as Pursuit

March 2015

“I wanted history I could touch like a flank of a beast.”

We Wear the Mask

October 2014

The writer on coming of age in dichotomous Baltimore and being warned against writing about race.

Margaret Klein: We Need to Talk

September 2014

The founder of The Climate Mobilization talks with Bridget Read about how psychology—not science—may be the key to ending America’s climate denial.

Layers of Truth

August 2014

The novelist and visual artist discuss their collaborative work “The Mastermind y lo contrario.”

Dunya Mikhail: Flashed Through Exile

July 2014

The poet talks with Jeannie Vanasco about leaving Iraq, working around censorship, and the work she’s most excited about now.

Shelly Taylor: Shattered Language

July 2014

Erica Wright talks with a poet who didn’t set out to write about war.

Small Rebellions

July 2014

The civil rights icon on Detroit, the limits of protest organizing, and what she’s learned over seven decades of activism.

The Art of Independent Publishing

April 2014

The publisher of Graywolf on the pleasure of finding books others have overlooked.

Anna Kushner: Literary Midwifery

April 2014

The translator of The Man Who Loved Dogs talks with Keith Meatto about Cuba, Trotsky, and the chemistry necessary for translation.

Alex Lemon: A Ferocious Kind of Music

April 2014

Why poetry needs more grit.

Rebecca Miller: The Fly’s the Writer

March 2014

The writer and filmmaker talks to Anita Sethi about the roles of magic, humor, and research in her new novel, Jacob's Folly.

Laura van den Berg: The Odd Moment

March 2014

The author of The Isle of Youth on Florida, her influences, and the pressures of conformity that female writers face.

This Is Also My World

March 2014

The Lebanese-American author on the dangers of writing what you know, the constant fear that he’s destroying his career, and why he believes that much of contemporary U.S. fiction is “not adventurous enough.”

Elisabeth Schmitz: Editing Under The Radar

February 2014

The vice president and editorial director of Grove Atlantic on the art of literary editing, why publishers shouldn’t turn their backs on risk-taking writing, and how the first novel she ever bought went on to transform her career.

Elisa Biagini: A World Reinvented Through Poetry

February 2014

Nathalie Handal talks to the Italian poet about her sometimes disturbing imagery and how her work helps us decipher the world.

Akhil Sharma: When Despair and Tenderness Collide

January 2014

Mohsin Hamid and Akhil Sharma's conversation about writing, literary labels, and how illness challenges narrative.