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Tom Engelhardt: The World After Me

July 2016

Eternal “Wartime” in America.

Andrew Bacevich: Milestones (Or What Passes for Them in Washington)

June 2016

A Multi-Trillion-Dollar Bridge to Nowhere in the Greater Middle East.

William J. Astore: What’s the Meaning of Failure?

April 2016

A Dictionary of Euphemisms for Imperial Decline.

Andrew J. Bacevich: Writing a Blank Check on War for the President

April 2016

How the United States Became a Prisoner of War and Congress Went MIA.

Rattanamol Singh: Looted

January 2016

How global theft fuels trafficking, unrest & cultural control

Nick Turse: The Pentagon’s Progress

January 2016

Will American “successes” lead to more Iraqi military failures?

Tom Engelhardt: The Fog of Intelligence

October 2015

With a massive intelligence program, the US is still caught off guard

Just Out of Frame

August 2015

The journalist on the “strange, extractive” process of interviewing; second-, third-, and fourth-act stories; and coming to reporting as “a real, whole person.”

Agri Ismaïl: Heartwound and the Bouncy Castle

May 2015

In Kurdistan, refugees at a carnival.

Nissa Rhee: Back to War

April 2015

Vietnam and Iraq war veterans find closure only by returning to their war zones.

Peter Van Buren: The Iranian Ascendancy

April 2015

Twelve years later, we know the winner in Iraq: Iran.

Inside / Outside

March 2015

Boundaries of Gender: The artist discusses refugee trauma, female oppression, and her new show, How Iraqi Are You?

Olivier Morel and Maël: The Ongoing War

January 2015

Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. In the graphic novel Walking Wounded, Olivier Morel and Maël set out to tell their stories.

Peter Van Buren: The Military-Industrial Complex in Iraq

January 2015

America is open for business in Iraq.

Tom Engelhardt: The War Party Ascendant

December 2014

Thirteen years after 9/11, the War Party is on the rise.

Tom Engelhardt: What if it Weren’t Us?

December 2014

Russians invade Afghanistan (again!), Chinese fight Iraq War (again!).

Andrew J. Bacevich: Malarkey on the Potomac

November 2014

Five bedrock Washington assumptions that are hot air.

Peter Van Buren: What Could Possibly Go Right?

November 2014

Four months into Iraq War 3.0, the cracks are showing—on the battlefield and at the Pentagon.

Rory Fanning: Thank You for Your Valor, Thank You for Your Service…

October 2014

Still on the thank-you tour-of-duty circuit, thirteen years later.

Peter Van Buren: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

October 2014

Seven worst-case scenarios in the battle with the Islamic State.

William J. Astore: Investing in Junk Armies

October 2014

Why American efforts to create foreign armies fail.

Peter van Buren: Apocalypse Now, Iraq Edition

September 2014

Fighting in Iraq until hell freezes over.

Tom Engelhardt: Power Drain

September 2014

The mystery of the 21st century in a helter-skelter world.

Tom Engelhardt: How America Made ISIS

September 2014

Their videos and ours, their “caliphate” and ours.

Patrick Cockburn: Why Washington’s War on Terror Failed

August 2014

The underrated Saudi connection.

Lawrence Wilkerson: Call Tehran

August 2014

Colin Powell's former adviser says the solution to the crisis in Iraq is to craft a new balance of power

I Said Infantry

August 2014

An Army sergeant reflects on his service in Iraq and how his family’s history with PTSD led him to sign up in the first place.

Dunya Mikhail: Flashed Through Exile

July 2014

The poet talks with Jeannie Vanasco about leaving Iraq, working around censorship, and the work she’s most excited about now.

Dahr Jamail: A Nation on the Brink

July 2014

How America's policies sealed Iraq's fate.

Michael Schwartz: It’s the Oil, Stupid!

June 2014

Insurgency and war on a sea of oil.

Tom Engelhardt: Who Won Iraq?

June 2014

Lost dreams, lost armies, jihadi states, and the arc of instability.

Jeff Gerth: All the Things Hillary Clinton’s Book Doesn’t Say About Iraq

June 2014

In Hard Choices the former secretary of state ignores or glosses over key aspects of her record on Iraq.

Karen J. Greenberg: The Road From Abu Ghraib

April 2014

A torture story without a hero or an ending.

Aditi Sriram: Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here

March 2014

Remembering Al-Mutanabbi Street on its 7th anniversary.

Mark Danner: In the Darkness of Dick Cheney

February 2014

The smile of secret power.

Jennifer Percy: We Kill Ourselves Because We Are Haunted

January 2014

'I wanted to talk to veterans and the families of veterans for the same reason that many were telling me I could not talk to them.' An excerpt from Demon Camp.

Aditi Sriram: Heather Rounds is Over ‘There’

December 2013

Part essay, part interview, part author, part reader, part 'she,' part The Man of Small Vital Facts.

Ann Jones: War Wounds

November 2013

Wounded veterans face a long road to recovery.

Ann Jones: The Losers From Our Lost Wars

November 2013

How the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan first silenced our soldiers and then defeated them.

Bob Dreyfuss: A Field Guide to Losing Friends, Influencing No One, and Alienating the Middle East

November 2013

Don’t think for a second that Washington’s ineffectiveness stops with the ongoing Syrian fiasco.

Tom Engelhardt: Why Washington Can’t Stop

October 2013

The coming era of tiny wars and micro-conflicts.

Peter Van Buren: What if Congress Says No?

September 2013

Why refusing to attack Syria matters.

Robert Reich: Obama’s Political Capital and the Slippery Slope of Syria

September 2013

If Congress approves a strike on Syria, it could come at great political cost.

Chase Madar: How Dystopian Secrecy Contributes to Clueless Wars

June 2013

The future of U.S. security depends on freeing Bradley Manning, not punishing him.

Andrew Bacevich: Naming Our Nameless War

May 2013

How many years will it be?

Tom Engelhardt: Filling the Empty Battlefield

April 2013

A new book from Jeremy Scahill, America's blowback reporter.

Jeremiah Goulka: It Doesn’t Take Much

April 2013

On almost getting PTSD in Iraq.

Tom Engelhardt: American Anniversaries from Hell

March 2013

What you don’t know can hurt you.

Dahr Jamail: Living with No Future

March 2013

Iraq, ten years later.

Peter Van Buren: Mission Unaccomplished

March 2013

Why the invasion of Iraq was the single worst foreign policy decision in American history.

Noam Chomsky: The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful

February 2013

Washington’s dilemma on a 'lost' planet.

Nora Connor: Learning to Fly

December 2012

Two women bridge the military-civilian gap to talk about machine guns and womanliness, dealing with trauma, and breaking old rules.

Nick Turse: America’s Nation-Building

November 2012

The United States is in the midst of a tremendous building spree, but it isn't happening in America.

Angela Boskovitch and Laura Silvia Battaglia: Operation Iraqi Cinema

November 2012

The Baghdad International Film Festival is part of a larger effort to bring the arts back to Iraq’s once-flourishing capital.

Peter Van Buren: Don’t Ask and Don’t Tell

October 2012

During the next two presidential debates, some important foreign policy questions won't be asked.

Nick Turse: Afghanistan’s Base Bonanza

September 2012

Despite years of talk about American withdrawal from Afghanistan, the number of military bases there has steadily expanded.

Brandon Lingle: Queen’s Creek

August 2012

Back from Iraq, a veteran meditates on the past, present, and future of American warfare, and the small creek in Virginia where they all flow together.

Greg Muttitt: Mission Accomplished for Big Oil?

August 2012

How an American disaster paved the way for Big Oil's rise—and possible fall—in Iraq.

Peter van Buren: How Not to Reconstruct Iraq, Afghanistan, or America

August 2012

A guide to disaster at home and abroad.

Islam and the Arab Awakening

August 2012

As Islamists across the Arab World continue to enshrine sharî’a concepts in their constitutions, noted academic Tariq Ramadan asks, are other alternatives available?

Nick Turse: The New Obama Doctrine, A Six-Point Plan for Global War

June 2012

Civilian soldiers, drones, and cyber attacks are just a few elements of the Obama formula for contemporary war.

A Line in the Sand

May 2012

With foreign companies amassing higher stakes and a greater presence in the Iraqi oil business, Greg Muttitt traces the rise of Production Sharing
Agreements (PSAs) and its effects on Iraqi sovereignty.

Simulating Iraq

August 2011

Imagining the war before the war.

Democracies of Bread

August 2011 The author of Day of Honey discusses ancient Iraqi cooking, the Middle East’s dependence on imported wheat, and the link between bread and civilian uprisings.

Mark Dowie: On the Fly Podcast: Todd Gitlin On America’s Divine Exceptionalism

February 2011
 The inaugural episode of Guernica editor-at-large Mark Dowie’s interview series features sociologist Todd Gitlin, who argues that the relationship between America and Israel is steeped in the belief that both nations were “chosen” by God.

The Wrong Question

December 2010 Journalist Joshua Phillips on the left media’s standard torture story, untrained soldiers making it up as they go, and becoming a suicide hotline.

Blood Without Guts

October 2010 Why fight wars our president doesn’t believe in and we can’t pay for? asks retired colonel and military historian Andrew Bacevich.

Wolf in the Heart

September 2010 The historian and departing Newsweek editor on how he (like Remnick and Keller) caught war fever after 9/11, the obsession with being a man, and how his dad glowed in Navy whites.

Chomsky Unplugged

May 2010

Chomsky discusses the unpeople in Iraq, the U.S., and Latin America, clever uses of the internet and international solidarity, and the conversion of a liberal dove to a principled anti-warrior.

A Carefully Crafted F**k You

March 2010

The gender-theorist-turned-philosopher-of-nonviolence discusses the choices that make people expendable, the violent foundation of nonviolent activism, and the role grief can play in setting a new course.

Watch: Rumsfeld confronted as war criminal for humanitarian deaths

May 2009 Is this a fair use of freedom of speech? Or just obnoxious? Is Donald a war criminal?

Baghdad Nights

November 2008 What can a California geographer possibly teach us about the American troop surge and ethnic cleansing in Iraq?

America’s Century of Regime Change

March 2007 Iraq was not the first time, just the first time we all watched it happen

Meakin Armstrong: America’s War Fever

February 2007

“I don’t fuck much with the past, but I fuck plenty with the future”—Patti Smith

Meakin Armstrong: “Marching” Against the War in DC and NYC

January 2007

Then you march, which means that you promenade toward the capitol, then around its back, ending up where you’d started in the first place.

Meakin Armstrong: The War and the Word Games

January 2007

Much of that Presidential power comes from proper use of words: “We have nothing to fear but ____ (finish the sentence).” “The buck stops ____” “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this ___.”

The Devil’s Advocate

December 2005

The former deputy assistant attorney general on his new book, the Geneva Conventions and the legal case for torture

A People’s History of Howard Zinn

October 2004 "Historians hate to make predictions."